Hosting Holiday Get-Togethers with Limited Space

During the holidays, you need a lot more space. Space for guests, gifts, and of course -- food and drinks. Apart from Thanksgiving and holiday eve dinners, most family get-togethers take place in the living room. And you may realize that you're running tight with table space for kettle corn, hors d'oeuvres, board games, and egg nog. Here are some quick tips to get the most out of your limited space.


Squeeze in a Sofa Table

The sofa table is the perfect piece for small spaces -- especially around the holidays. It's narrow but has enough surface space for a variety of dishes and drinks. Try sliding it behind a sofa or against a wall. Usually sofa tables are 12-20 inches -- like the Shannon sofa table. Add on some holiday decor touches, like a tall vase of flowers or a wreath hanging above. It will help tie your look together. 

Double-Up with a Side Table

Take advantage of your end tables for extra food and storage space. Move off any current items -- like lamps to make more space. And it's always good to look for side tables with two shelves so you can store extra board games or drinks. The best part? The second shelf will help minimize any additional clutter. We love the new Charo bar side table -- it's a must for holiday entertaining. 

Try a Tray

Have an ottoman? Use it to your advantage! Ottomans are great for extra seating -- but it's also good for food and drinks. Just simply add a chic serving tray to avoid spills and you've got an extra spot for apple cider and gingerbread cookies. Or double-up with trays to get even more space for food. 

Fitting in Decor

If you're crammed for space, you may be worried that you won't have room for holiday decor. But you will! Opt for tall and narrow decorations that will bring extra drama to your room but won't take up too much width or depth. Like winter branches or a tall vase with ornaments stacked. Or look to the walls! Wreathes or hanging ornaments are a great way to add on decor without taking away from extra space. 

Image Sources: Martha Stewart, Aspen Home, and Martha Stewart