Designer Feature: 10 Questions with Christa Paarni from Salvaged Soul

Salvaged Soul is a fantastic site that's filled to the brim with custom wood furniture. Who makes these stunning pieces? A funky gal from SoCal named Christa Paarni. She designs and builds these one-of-a-kind pieces for herself, friends, and clients and they're amazing. We've admired all of the pieces Christa has created for a while. She's a mom, a wife, and an extremely talented carpenter and her ability to multi-task and create incredible pieces has blown us away. We were lucky enough to get an interview and we're sharing it with the world!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Christa and I live in Southern California. I am a mommy to two perfect (as perfect as a rowdy three and six-year-old can be) baby boys. 


2. In your own words, what is Salvaged Soul?

Salvaged Soul is a place you can find custom, chic wood furniture and decor. Every piece is designed and built with passion and love and therefore, has a little part of my soul in it. I want my furniture to stay in families for generations. 

3. When did you start Salvaged Soul?

I started in April of 2013.

4. Why did you choose custom furniture as your craft?

It chose me. Both of my grandpas and my great grandpa were carpenters, so it's in my blood. Growing up I never thought custom furniture would turn into my livelihood, but now I can see my children running Salvaged Soul when they grow up. 


5. What's your favorite piece you've ever made and why?

This is a really tough one. All of my pieces are my favorite in a different way. If I HAVE to choose one I would choose my wine bar. This piece really pushed my carpentry to another level. I was given an inspiration photo from a client and designed this piece from top to bottom. There are six cabinets (two of them being glass), two drawers, seven wine bottle slots, crown molding around the top, LED lights shining down on the counter area, and a space for a wine fridge. My clients push me to learn more and allow me to do what I love for a living while making them something beautiful. 


6. Who is your interior design icon and why?

I have many! I guess it really depends on the project. I love Nate Berkus and how he has branded himself into a household name. That is what I want to achieve with Salvaged Soul. I feel like he is always on point with trends and is great with creating new trends as well. I work with many interior designers and always get inspired by their individual creativity and outlooks on design concepts. No two are alike and that's what I love.

7. If you could travel to any decade, what decade would it be?

Without a doubt I would travel to the early 1900s. In that era everything was handcrafted and wood was used to build everything. The design concepts were very glamorous and chic. If I could design a home from top to bottom I would incorporate as much as I could from that era. Ninety percent of the reason I watch Vampire Diaries is to see the Salvatore Boarding House (better known as the Glenridge Hall, located in Georgia) to get inspired. It was built in 1929 and the design is impeccable. I love the massive beams on the ceilings, the gorgeous chandeliers, and the dark goth vibe. This decade showcases elegance at it's finest and plays to my old soul. 

Glenridge_Hall-1{Photo credit:


8. If you had to pick one word to describe yourself, what would it be?


9. Do you have a hidden talent?

My talent is my work. I am 100% self-taught. I do not make or follow plans for anything I have built. I look at a picture, make the plan in my head, and build it. 


10. What's your favorite piece on

The Juliette dining chair is my favorite! 


We hope you have a better sense of who Christa is and what Salvaged Soul is all about. A big thank you to Christa Paarni and Salvaged Soul for the interview!


The App: See it in Your Home Before You Buy

We know a lot of people may be nervous about buying furniture online without being able to see it in your home first. We get it - buying furniture is a big decision and it could be hard to commit to a piece when you aren't positive you'll love it. That's where the app can help. Our app can put the furniture in your home, without any purchase being made! "How is this possible?!" You question, "Is this witchcraft?!" Before you rally a mob and grab your pitchforks and torches, download the app and see for yourself

All you need to do is download the free app to your phone, print the marker, place the marker where you want the furniture to go, focus your phone, and poof - virtual furniture. Plus, you can take a picture of the virtual setup and show your friends! This is the perfect solution to being able to see the furniture in your space before committing to the purchase.

Take a look at how we used the app to test out new furniture here in the office:


 Our Facebook fans love the Hollister collection so we thought we'd see how this accent chair looks in our office! Turns out, it looks great!



How stylin' would our office be if all of the desk chairs were switched out for these Juliette cream dining chairs? (To help visualize how the app works, this picture shows the marker underneath the chair!)




Here's our Email Marketing Specialist, Lauren, hanging out with the Caterina grey accent chair. (Hard to believe it's not really there!)



 We would LOVE having this Albion blue loveseat in our hallway. It looks so comfy! 




The Peabody black accent chair looks nice here! (Hmmm... who do we talk to about buying this for our office?)



How is our Paid Search Specialist, Drew, supposed to do any work with this patterned cube ottoman on his desk? Gotcha! It's not really there! 




Believe it or not, our Content Marketing Strategist, Brooke, doesn't have this Highline accent chair sitting on her desk all day. Cool, right?

We love this app because it makes it so easy to see what furniture will look like in your home before you buy it. It's the perfect tool to help you decided which piece to buy and it's so easy to use! 

To search for more furniture and pick out pieces to test on the app, visit!

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The Top 4 Interior Design Colors of 2015

As legend would have it (or Wikipedia), every year, in a European capital, Pantone convenes a secret meeting of representatives from various nations' color standards groups to declare a "Color of the Year". 2015 has been deemed the year of this purply-pinkish-reddish-brownish hue called Marsala.

We want to show you why Marsala was chosen as the color of the year and give you three other colors that will top the trend charts in the year to come. 


1. Marsala (surprised?)


Whether your looking for that perfect loveseat, comfy accent chair, modern ottoman, dining room chair, or simple accent cabinet, Marsala will truly impress. The publicity around this color is well-deserved. You can mix it up with other bold hues like navy or gold or pair it with simple neutrals like cream and taupe. Either way, Marsala is definitely going to be popular this year. 


2. Guilford Green


According to Benjamin Moore's 2015 Color Trends, Guilford Green is the color of the year. Don't let these dueling hues confuse you! These "colors of the year" are based on predicitions and opinions. We love this color just as much as Marsala and see it taking off in 2015 as well. A green sofa or green twin bed may scare you, but paired with gorgeous neutrals or bold oranges and blues, this color will look stunning!

Other ideas for using green: this accent chair,  green dining stoolor green ottoman


3. Moody Blue


This color hails from Sherwin-Williams' 2015 Color Forcast. We predicted that deep, steely blues would be a huge hit in 2015 (/blog/top-5-interior-design-trends-for-2015) and it looks like we were right. This misty, rich blue tone is becoming a cornerstone in 2015 decor. There are a ton of ways this color could work in your home. A nice blue accent chair or ottoman could really modernize an outdated living room.

Other ideas for using blue: This blue dresser, a  glass cocktail table, or a blue loveseat!

4. Pastels


Yes, we know that "pastels" isn't one specific color, but it's a color group. According to Behr's Color Trend Report for 2015, a predicited popular paint palette is pastels. Pastels can include almost any color, but a softer, more delicate version. Because the pastel category contains many different colors, it's easy to find different pieces within the category. A pastel ottoman would be perfect if you're looking to add color to an otherwise neutral room. It's especially easy to find kid's furniture in pastel tones.

Other Ideas for using pastel: This kids' dresser , these dining chairs, a pastel chair and ottoman, or a pastel sofa


At the end of the day, the colors you like are the colors you should decorate with. These colors are just predicted to be more popular this year than they have been in the past. If you love these colors (like we do) you don't have to completely redecorate to be on trend. Toss a Marsala-colored throw blanket on your couch, or get Moody Blue dishware. There are easy ways to add hints of these colors all over your house! 

Find even more pieces that fit the color trends!

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6 Ways to Have the Best Christmas Ever

It's here! It's finally here! It's ChristmasWe want you to have the absolute best Christmas ever, so we're giving you six ways to make sure that happens. Do all of them or do some of them-- either way you'll have an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! 


1. Bake a delicious treat

These scrumptious holiday baked goods will brighten your day! A great dessert is the cherry on top of a fantastic Christmas dinner. This gingerbread cake with buttermilk frosting looks so good... anyone else drooling?

gingerbread-cake-buttermilk-frosting-l        (Photo credit:


2. Make your own ornaments

There's nothing like adding a personal, homemade touch to your Christmas tree. These three easy DIY ornaments are great crafts for children and adults of all ages. Not only are they fun to make, but they look wonderful hanging from the tree!

Button_Ornament-2(Photo credit:


3. Watch a Christmas classic

Scroll through this list of the top Christmas movies and pick out your favorite! The perfect way to spend time with family is curled up on the couch enjoying one of these classics. 

Elf(Photo credit:


4. Spruce up your tree (pun completely intended)

Decorating your Christmas tree is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. These tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree will help make your tree the talk of the town (or at least the living room). 

Spruce_up_your_tree      (Photo credit:


5.  Wear hilarious hats

These funny Christmas hats will definitely add some joy to Christmas. Not only are they incredibly creative and funny, but they look pretty warm too! Throw one of these on and you'll be the life of the party! 

Hats            (Photo credit:


6. Spend time with family

C'mon, we all saw this one coming. The holidays are about spending time with your loved ones. So no matter what you do, as long as your with family and friends, you will have a perfect Christmas. 


Happy holidays from all of us at! Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! 
Don't forget to plan your presents for next year! 
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Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2015


1. Blue is the New Hue

Who isn't sick of neutrals by now? Blue tones are the up-and-coming colors of 2015.  Blue could come off as tacky to some, but we're not talking about sky blues or flourescent teals. The blue tones we're talking about are hues like steel blue and navy. These darker, moodier blues add an edgy yet sophisticated vibe to a room. 

K_1584146_HO_altThis blue sofa (from the Albion collection) is dancing on the edge of gray, but hasn't quite fully committed. We're predicting that this greyish-blue hue is going to top the trend charts in 2015. 


2. Heavy Metal 

Metallics are predicted to be a huge hit in the upcoming year. The best thing about metallics is that they can pretty much fit in with any style. Modern metals, contemporary metals, and classic metals are all going to be a big part of 2015 interior design. Metallics offer a hint of extra flair while also adding a sleek, clean-cut look.


The Sturgess trunk cocktail table nods towards steampunk style. Its metallic base and bonded leather accents give this piece and edgy look which will translate to whatever room it's in.


3. Go Geometric 

Yes, this was a trend in 2014,  but it's so good it's sticking around for 2015. Geometric patterns obviously come in all different shapes and sizes, but any of them will add a distinct and fun element to your decor. Geometric patterns add depth to an otherwise flat room. And because the patterns can come in infinite varieties, they're often easy to match to any space.

Studio-lifestyleThis black and white accent chair (from the Prospect collection) is the perfect addition to a room that needs an extra pop of pattern. The geometric pattern draws attention, but the subtle colors allow it to blend with the space.


4. Make it Modern

The term modern simply means to be related to the present. If guests feel like they are stepping into a time warp when they visit, you need to update your decor. Keeping it current is a reoccurring trend that will probably stick around for years to come. 

1610449_alt7This Vero dining table is super modern. The clean lines and dark wood will bring your dining room into the 21st century. 


5. Au Naturel

Bringing elements from nature indoors is expected to be a hit next year. This trend ranges from using actual driftwood or branches as centerpieces on your dining room table to using natural colors or materials. This style goes hand-in-hand with the environmentally conscious initiatives of the past decade.

TH_1530658_MDM-1The color of this Wenworth kids' dresser is inspired by nature. The natural, grainy appearance of this set is the perfect example of design that's inspired by our environment. 

With trends as fun and versatile as these, we can't wait for 2015! 


To shop these trends and more, visit! 

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3 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

The air is crisp, peppermint lattes are in season, and there's an extra bounce in everyone's step. You know what that means? Christmas is right around the corner! We know that a beautiful Christmas tree is an important (if not the most important) part of your holiday decor, so we want to give you the tools to make your tree sparkle! These three DIY ornament projects are easy, fun, and beautiful. 

1.  Glitter Animals

These are SUPER cute and really easy. Choose your favorite animal. Right now. Do it. Okay, now that you have it picked out, you can create an adorable ornament! We love this bird ornament!


(Photo credit:

All you need:

  1. Glitter paper (this sticky glitter paper from Jo-Ann fabric and craft stores will do the trick!)
  2. Glue (if the glitter paper isn't sticky)
  3. Construction paper
  4. Paint pens (white, black, and a third color that matches your animal)
  5. A hole punch
  6. String

All you need to do: 

  1. Cut the animal body out of the glitter paper you have chosen.
  2. Next, cut whatever shape/size ornament you want out of the the construction paper
  3. Then, glue (if the glitter paper isn't already sticky) the body to whatever sized paper you want your ornament to be. Make sure to leave enough room for the head of your animal (ex: if you're making a giraffe, you should place the body lower on the paper ornament).
  4. Next, use the paint pens to draw the legs, feet, eyes, and whatever else your animal may need (whiskers, arms, etc.).
  5. Next, punch a hole towards the top of the ornament. The picture shows a hole in the top corner, which is a good place to put it if you want to maximize usable space on the ornament.
  6. Then thread the twine through the hole and hang it on the tree!

So cute!


2. Light bulb Snowmen

You know in cartoons when a character gets a great idea and a light bulb appears over their head? Well picture that but with an adorable snowman light bulb ornament instead of a regular old boring one. We found this amazing idea and it's too fabulous to keep to ourselves. 


(Photo credit:

All you need:

  1. 4 light bulbs (these light bulbs from Home Depot are perfect!)
  2. Craft bond spray glue (or glue mixed with water, and a paintbrush)
  3. String to hang the ornaments
  4. White glitter
  5. Stick from the yard
  6. Piece of paper to catch any excess glitter
  7. Puffy paint (black and orange)

All you need to do: 

  1. The first thing you need to do is spray the light bulb with the spray glue. (If you don't want to buy spray glue you can mix glue and water to create a thin, spreadable paste that can be painted onto the bulb.)
  2. Next, dunk the coated bulb in white glitter. It will help to pour the glitter onto the bulb as you turn it and then fill in patches by dabbing the bulb on the paper below. 
  3. Now, plug in your glue gun and let it heat up while the glue on the bulbs dry.
  4. Next, tie the string on around the top of the bulb. 
  5. Then, break the twig to the sizes you want for the two arms of your snowman. 
  6. Make eyes, mouth, and buttons with the black puffy paint and an orange carrot nose with the orange puffy paint. Let your black paint dry before painting on the orange nose! 



3. Button Sphere Ornament

If you're looking to add color to your tree in an understated, elegant way, these button sphere ornaments are perfect! These are incredibly easy to make but they look like they came straight out of Santa's workshop! 



All you need:

  1. Styrofoam balls (like these styrofoam balls from Michaels!)
  2. Buttons, and lots of 'em
  3. Pins
  4. Ribbon
  5. Hook pin
  6. Paint (to paint the ball)

All you need to do: 

  1. First, paint the styrofoam ball whatever color you like. It should match the colors you chose for the buttons. This helps fill in the unavoidable gaps between the buttons.
  2. Then, take the pins and push them through the holes of the buttons and into the styrofoam ball. The picture shows layered buttons, which is why you need so many.
  3. Next, attach the hook pin to the top of the ornament so you can hang it from your tree.
  4. Lastly, tie a ribbon around the hook pin to hide the pin and give the ornament a finished look. 

Easy and stunning!

We hope this helps add some new and exciting decor to your tree. Now you just have to make sure the furniture around the tree is as beautiful as the tree itself! 

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Fast and Easy DIY Table Decorations for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We know that preparing a feast and entertaining family can be more than overwhelming. One thing you won't have to worry about is your décor; we're giving you some super easy do-it-yourself decorating tips to impress your guests. (They're also kid-friendly and fun!) Below are three quick ways to add a bit of flair to any room. 

1. Glitter Mason Jar Votives

These gorgeous glittery jars will instantly add some glam and warmth to your home. While they look super luxurious, they're crazy easy to make and very low cost. These votives will make your home sparkle…glitterally. 

Mason_Glitter_Jars_Horiz.(Photo via CakeryPapery)

What You'll Need:

  • Mason jars
  • Glitter of any color (for Thanksgiving, we recommend golds, reds, and oranges)
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Water
  • Tea lights
  • Paintbrushes 


  • Mix Elmer's glue and water
  • Use a paint brush to brush the mixture onto the inside of the jar
  • Pour about ¼ cup of glitter into a glue-painted jar and roll the jar on its side until the glitter is everywhere you want it to be- getting mason jars with lids may be useful for this step
  • Dump out the lose glitter and set aside for other jars
  • Set the jars aside to dry (open them if you've placed lids on them)
  • Once dry place the tea lights inside and light!  

Voila. Thanks to cakerypapery for this great idea! 


2. Painted Acorns

Instead of ignoring all of the acorns on the ground: pick them up, take them home, and make them the talk of your Thanksgiving table. Seriously, this is no j(oak).

Painted_Acorns(Photo via HomeStoriesAtoZ)

What You'll Need:

  • Acorns, and lots of 'em (with caps on)
  • A baking sheet and aluminum foil
  • Acrylic craft paints (again, for Thanksgiving we recommend warm colors)
  • A paintbrush


  • Place acorns on a foil-lined baking sheet. Bake at 170 degrees for an hour and a half to two hours
  • Using your acrylics, paint with the grain of the acorn. If you want the color to appear solid, do two-three coats. For a more natural and rustic look, do one coat.
  • Set the acorns aside to dry!
  • Place the acorns in a bowl as a centerpiece or leave them loose on the middle of the table

We're hopeful that these will become acorn-erstone of your Thanksgiving table. Thanks to homestoriesatoz for the fun idea!


3. Painted Twigs

No more excuses for not cleaning up the branches in your front yard because now, they're art. Bringing the outside elements indoors can add a natural, organic touch to a room. C'mon, branch out.

Painted_Twigs(Photo via sarahhearts)

What You'll Need:

  • Branches
  • Acrylic craft paint (again, use golds, reds, oranges, and browns for a Thanksgiving theme)
  • Foam brush or a paintbrush
  • Painters' tape
  • Scissors
  • Vases, jars, milk jugs, or cans…really just anything to hold the twigs


  • Cut the branches to a desired height for the container. They can be cut the same height or varying to appear uneven – it all depends on what kind of look you want.
  • If using a foam brush, paint the twig in color-blocked sections, this brush allows you to get straight edges without painters' tape
  • If using a paintbrush and painters' tape, tape off sections of the twig that you would like to paint, and then add the color (the tape is to form straight edges)
  • Let the twigs dry
  • Peel the tape off if you used any
  • Place twigs in the vases you've chosen

A lovely (tree)t for the eyes. Thanks to sarahhearts for the creative suggestion!


We hope these DIY decorations will add a fabulous and homemade pop of décor to your Thanksgiving table. Happy holidays!

Don't forget to check out our latest discounts at


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"Chesterfield Sofa" and 4 Other Tricky Furniture Terms Defined

Ever wondered what "chesterfield sofa" and "bonded leather" mean when you're shopping for furniture and accessories? Well unfurrow your brow! We're going to make things simple and break down the top 5 trickiest furniture terms. 

1. Chesterfield Sofa

A classic style marked by ample tufting and shelter arms; the more traditional designs are done in leather or faux leather and often include nailhead details. 


The origin of the Chesterfield style of furniture is up for debate. However, through research (bear with us through a minor history lesson) it was learned that in the years 1694-1773 the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Phillip Stanhope, commissioned the first leather chair with quilted leather and buttons. The goal for this chair was to allow for people to sit upright without wrinkling his/her clothes. 

Phil must've been quite the trendsetter because this style of furniture is still popular today!


2. Bonded Leather

A mix of leather fibers and adhesive that is pressed into a sheet, for a material that often looks like genuine leather. 


The origin of "bonded leather" makes sense. We stumbled upon a great analogy: bonded leather is to genuine leather as ground beef is to steak. Strange, but great. Bonded leather is often confused with synthetic leather, which it's not. Bonded leather takes leather scraps and bonds them together with an adhesive rather than using a whole piece of animal hide. There are bonded leather products that are 100% leather but there are also options like bonded leather upholstery which could contain less leather. 

The name's leather, bonded leather. 


3. Bombe

 Type of accent chest with dramatic, outward-facing curves, usually encasing the chest's drawers. 


The origin of bombe (pronounced "bombay") is very simple. In French, bombe means "any rounded or convex piece of furniture." The word literally translates to "bomb-shaped" or "bulging."

This style is the bomb(e).  


4. Distressed

A technique to artificially make something look older than it is; often used to give the appearance of an antique. 


This term speaks for itself. A distressed product has been made to look like it has gone through a little bit of use. 

That cocktail table isn't anxious, just gorgeous. 


5. Finial

A carved accent that doecorates the top of a post or pilaster-- often a bedpost (post-top finial); it is usually an embellished ball but can be anything from a fleur de lis to a pineapple. 


After digging through the dictionary, it was discovered that the word "finial" comes from the latin "finis" which means "end." Makes sense since the finial sits at the end of a bedpost. 

And with that, this post has reached its finis. 

We hope this helps demystify those tricky furniture terms.If you want to further expand your furniture IQ, check out our glossary! 

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Must-Learn Ways to Pick the Right Accent Chair

Picking the perfect accent chair can take endless thought and consideration. When you find the right chair, it can define your space, giving your room the kind of personality, function and breath of fresh air that you've always wanted, and can even give your guests a glimpse into your inner soul.

The good news is that you don't have to find that perfect accent chair alone. The team at is obsessed with curating the types of products that will make you feel like a million bucks. Follow these three tips to find the right chair for your space. 


1. Pick the right pattern

When the other furniture lacks pizzazz, the best way to spice up your room is by adding a patterned accent chair. The pattern should pull colors from the other furniture, but can bring in additional colors as well. A patterned accent chair can be a stellar focal point for a room or it can simply add a bit of depth. When you use a pattern well it showcases your eye for design, which will impress all of your guests. 

This picture of the Preston accent chair is a prime example of a perfectly picked piece. (Say that five times fast!)


Notice, the same pattern is used on the chair and the pillows to tie the room together. If you need additional help, check out our earlier post about the Dos and Don'ts of using patterns. 


2. Pick the right style

Club chairs, recliners, and wing chairs, oh my! There are many different styles of accent chairs, so make sure you pick one that fits your needs and matches the overall decor of your room. For example, if your room is a modern, sleek design, you wouldn't choose an oversized lounger – it will stick out like a sore thumb. 


This Perry accent chair fits perfectly with the room. To touch on our earlier point, it isn't an exact pattern match to any of the other furniture, but it pulls the red out of the couch and continues to exemplify the modern, yet contemporary atmosphere.


3. Pick the right fabric

The fabric you pick for your chair, like picking the pattern and style, is very important. Suede is a classic choice but may not be the best for a household with kids and pets running rampant. Microfiber looks like suede but doesn't require as much caution. Leather is great if you're looking for a more rugged vibe – it gives a room a natural, organic feeling. At the end of the day, choosing fabric really boils down to what works for you on a daily basis and achieves your vision. 


This Revere accent chair (paired with the Revere 2 piece sectional) turns this room into a casual but sophisticated space. Imagine suede or linen furniture in the same room – it changes the entire atmosphere!


While picking the perfect accent chair can be a daunting task, it doesn't have to be. Contact the Design Team to help you pick an accent chair today. And check back in soon for more style tips and advice on Pursuit of Home!

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Get the Look: Stunning, Modern White Living Room

In our "Get the Look" posts we find styled rooms we love and show you how to recreate the look with products from We scoped the internet for a gorgeous living room and this modern white living room from really caught our eye! You'll see that combining shades of cream, grey, and white can make your living room look incredibly elegant. Here's how you can mix-and-match to recreate the look! 

We will break down each element of the room and show you what similar items we carry.

Our inspiration: 

beautiful-white-living-room-design products:

The chair:

1. The Hudson Gray


Understated sophistication and timeless design come together in the Hudson Gray accent chair for a piece that is so effortless in its style, you'll feel like it was a part of your home all along. Shallow button tufting dots the back cushion and the welted edges and boxy silhouette solidify a look that's neat and tidy. 

Color: Pale Gray


2. The Walker Cream


Tread the fine line between modern urban and at-home, cozy living room style with the Walker Cream chair. Bold and inviting, this piece features an ultra-soft, suede-like microfiber fabric that is both supple and durable, perfect for those high-traffic areas that require good looks and well-padded seats. 

Color: Cream


3. The Highline Cream


If your destination is up-to-date décor with a touch of retro vibe, look no further than the Highline Cream chair. Sleek, low track arms, button-tufted back and seat cushions and high tapering legs give this piece a mid-century flavor, and the versatile cream tone of the woven upholstery will easily blend with a range of color schemes. A fun designer fabric on the coordinating toss pillow offers an extra element of stylish pep, for a look that says "you've arrived." 

Color: Cream


The sofa:

1. The Trocadero


There's something exciting about the Trocadero sofa, whose inviting style and contemporary look will add energy to any well designed space. Featuring deep seating and a scatter back design, this collection boasts welted track arms and slightly tapered wedge feet for a clean and fashionable aesthetic. One coordinating fabric with a bold circle pattern and a second in rich brown corduroy add to the modern appeal, and the loose, reversible back pillows allow you to customize the look and your seating comfort. 

Color: Cream


2. The Biscayne



Destination Comfort. Discover the relaxing, vacation-like vibe of the breezy Biscayne White sofa. The airy, white denim upholstery covering the loose, knife-edge back cushions and angled roll arms offers the perfect mix of fresh style and cozy comfort. A to-the-floor skirt creates a slipcover look and provides a sweet finishing detail. 

Color: White


The cocktail table: 

1. The Hamlin



Much like the truss is used to bridge together two areas of land, the Hamlin cocktail table bridges both rustic and industrial sensibilities to produce a handsome accent for your living room. The 100% recycled fir timber is rough cut to enhance the organic feel established by the polished bluestone top, and the slatted lower shelf creates a space to stash large books, board games and more. 

Finish: Brown


2. The Moselle


The Moselle cocktail table flows with sleek looks, modern materials and practical convenience. A light, brownish-gray top and offset bottom shelf complement the contemporary chrome base and geometric shape. With the Moselle, you are bringing a light, airy aesthetic and functional design into your living room. 

Finish: Gray/Brown


3. The Foxpoint




The Foxpoint cocktail table exudes a modern industrial design in your living room with its distressed black metal base and reclaimed wood plank materials. The bespoke character of this table is reflected by the lumber, with each piece having a singular tone and texture, and by the steel rivets, which provide eye appeal. The X-shaped supports, the distressed bases, and the overall rectangular shape add to the urban chic style. A bottom shelf supplies extra storage and display space. 

Finish: Distressed Tan/Black


4. The Arno



With our Arno cocktail table, you'll enjoy the high-end look of marble while leaving plenty of room in your budget for other decorating! A slab-style top is finished with easy-clean, faux marble, replete with many tonal variations for a natural effect. Presented in a slatted grid design, the lower shelf offers lovely display and storage space. 

Finish: Merlot


The ottoman:

1. The Calamar Stone


The neutral tone of the Calamar Stone ottoman makes it the perfect canvas for mixing and matching with your own décor. For a more energetic look, pair with geometric prints and bring a hint of retro cool to the table. Simple lines, neat tailoring and a plush top cushion combine for an effect that keeps this stone looking polished. 

Color: Sandstone


2. The Salina Taupe



Round out a long day with the simple pleasures of the Salina Taupe sectional collection. The coordinating cocktail ottoman lets you kick up your feet on plush light beige fabric — and you'll relish how easy it is to care for. Modern cylindrical legs and welted trim complete the comfortable living room look. 

Color: Taupe


3. The Hudson Gray


Understated sophistication and timeless design come together in the Hudson Gray ottoman for a piece that is so effortless in its style, you'll feel like it was a part of your home all along. Shallow tufting dots the cushioned top for just a hint of handsome texture, and the plush, overstuffed cushion is just begging for you to put your feet up at the end of a long day. 

Color: Pale Gray


4. The Largo White


Yes, you can have a living room that combines the elegance of leather with your sleek style! The Largo White ottoman exceeds your dreams in that its spacious size is complemented by contemporary accents, making the Largo comfortably chic. This ottoman boasts a tufted cushion, the upscale style of classic white bonded leather and the ability to be arranged with other pieces to create your favorite modular sectional configuration. 

Color: White

We hope this helps you create the modern living room of your dreams! 



6 Strange But Clever Decorating Tricks & Treats

We'll keep this intro short and sweet. We found the 6 weirdest decorating tips that will let you unleash your creative side. Here they are.

1. Make your furniture unique by drawing on it. Yup, you read that correctly.



Remember when you were a kid and got in trouble for drawing on various surfaces that you weren't supposed to? The time has come to release that pent-up drawing energy and wield your permanent marker with gusto. If only your past self could see you now. Get the instructions here


2. Turn a rubber doormat into an iron antique wall hanging.

Yeah, that's seriously a rubber doormat. How cool is that? This decorating idea is so out-of-the-box and original, we had to include it! To get the full instructions, go here.
3. Hang mason jars under your cabinets.
This is beyond brilliant. It may seem a little crazy, but sometimes a little crazy is good. Not only does this look ridiculously awesome and modern, but it can help you organize and keep valuable shelf/table space open. If you're insterested in more organizing tips, check out this blog post. For directions on how to hang mason jars, click here
4. Flip and paint a wire trashcan.
Have an old wire trashcan laying around? Need a nighstand or an end table? What a coincidence! Spray paint your trashcan to match the room you are putting it in, flip it upside down (and paint the bottom), wait for it to dry, and voilà – a table! If you don't have the supplies you need now, you can always table the idea for later. 
5. Use a chair as a nightstand.
As apartment therapy pointed out, "a chair already is a nightstand anyway: every chair is essentially a short little table with a back on it." How poignant. A chair is a cute, alternative solution for a nightstand. If you get a light that clips, you can attach it to the chair back to save room on the seat. For a bunch of pictures of chairs as nightstands, go here.

6. Use a towel rod to hang coffee cups.
This is pure genius. Coffee cups can be beautiful, so why not treat them like art and display them? A lot of people don't like having their dishes show because it can look messy. This, however, is the perfect solution. You can show off mugs (functional or decorative) in a clean, aesthetically-pleasing way. Get more details here.
Hope you enjoyed these strange but clever design tricks!

The Top 5 Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

We know that trying to find home-decor inspiration can be tricky. So we set out on a mission to find the best Instagram accounts to follow when it comes to interior design. These accounts have beautiful pictures and are highly active on their accounts. Which means if you want to ask them a question about the room or piece of furniture, they'll most likely answer. 

P.S. These are not in any particular order

1. @nickeykehoe; Nickey Kehoe


Nickey Kehoe has beautiful pictures. End of story. Ok, not really. Nickey Kehoe is a store based in Los Angeles. The company started when Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe came together and formed a partnership. Their site has a cople of furniture pieces but it seems to be mostly for accent pieces and decor. Here's a link to their site:


2. @tarynatddd; Taryn Design, Dining + Diapers


Taryn describes herself as a "wife, mom, freelancer, and blogger." Not only does she have great pictures of her home (seen above), but she also has adorable pictures of her family and friends. She seems very down-to-earth and easy to communicate with. Her photos range from goofy, to gorgeous, to glamorous. Here's a link to her blog, "Design, Dining + Diapers":


3. @lady_meemz; Interior Design Decor


While @lady_meemz's instagram is somewhat shrouded in mystery, we follow her on instagram and are crazy about everything she posts. Her main goal via Instagram is to inspire others- love that. Her pictures are always elegant, refined, and tasteful. Unfortunately, we could only find her on Instagram, so if you have an Instagram account, check her out!


4. @interiorslover; Interior Design Lover


@interiorslover is unfortunately also the "Instagram-only" type. We couldn't find any other information on him her them (see how little we were able to dig up?) but his/her Instagram account does say that he/she is a photographer from Miami, FL, which could explain the ridiculously stunning photos they have. A lot of the pictures feature modern pieces but there is a good mix of styles as well. Again, these photos are only on Instagram, so follow them if you have an account! 

 ***@interiorslover just commented on our instagram post and told us that she is a she!***

5. @affordablestylefiles; Interiors, Design, Stylist



@affordablestylefiles is run by an awesome woman named Hong Henwood (how cool is that name). She is "passionate about interior design, styling, and DIY." She posts stellar photos that have a modern, simple feel. She also sprinkles in pictures of her adorable family, so that's always a nice surprise. If you'd like more info on Hong, she has a wonderful website:


We hope these Instagram accounts inspire you to do some home redecorating! Also don't forget to follow us on Instagram: @furnituredotcom.





Our Staff Picks for Fall

The temperature's cooling down (just a bit!) and new trends are all abound. We've asked our staff what their favorite picks for fall were. And they helped shed some light on what's new and what's in for furniture and home design. Do you have any favorite picks for fall? 


Orange and blue look stunning together in this Moroccan-inspired living room.

The Highline Tangerine

We asked our digital marketing specialist, Drew, what he was loving this fall. He's been eying the midcentury lines of the Highline sofa. With it's tufted back, clean shape, and tapered legs, it's perfect for this year's trends. He says, "The color just reminds me of fall. And I bet it would look great with my blue walls. I painted them over the summer and orange and blue are striking together. It looks just like the crisp leaves outside."


Elegant, French-inspired pieces become more modern with rustic woods. 

The Winslow II Bed

Our team member Lauren is in the process of re-doing her bedroom. "I've been really into this year's trend of English and French furniture design. I love the heavy, curved lines of the Winslow II Bed and its rustic finish." The Winslow is the perfect starting point for a more traditional or countryside-style bedroom and creates a room with immediate elegance. "It feels so old-fashioned and elegant, and nods to past furniture design, which is very in this fall."


Keep storage looking pretty with a glamorous Hollywood Regency-design.

The Hanson Chest

With back-to-school, means back-to-chaos and for many families, it means finding new ways to get organized and on top of things. Storage and organization doesn't need to be unattractive and office-like. "I use the Hanson Chest in my entryway hallway for organization with the kids. It stores field-trip slips and coupons but looks so glamorous from the outside. It also will dress up any hallway or bedroom."


A large modern dining table can make a space feel less cluttered with more space for entertaining.

The Espinosa Dining Table

Even though fall has just started, Thanksgiving is coming closer. And so are family get-togethers. "My wife and I both have big families and know that we're hosting Thanksgiving this year. We both like a modern and clean aesthetic and our Espinosa Dining Table is perfect for entertaining and has a simple design."

3 Tips to Help You Stay Organized this Fall

It's officially fall and that means it's time to stress organize. With everyone having different schedules we know it's hard to keep everything in the house in order and manageable.

Here are three quick and easy tips to help keep your chaos at least somewhat under control:

1. Use a Calendar

Whether it's a giant paper calendar that hangs on your fridge, or a calendar on the computer that your whole family can access, keeping an up-to-date calendar will help everyone stay on track. Be sure to add events to the calendar immediately after it was scheduled and be sure to include the location and time of the event. (If you aren't keeping your calendar on the computer and cannot get to your paper calendar immediately, make a note in your phone or even email yourself as a reminder for when you get home.) 


Use a different color to represent different family members so you can see who is busy at a glance.

October-2014-Calendar-Blog (Photo credit:



2. Get A Bin for Every Family Member

Trust us, this is so helpful. If there is a shelf in your living room or kitchen that holds nothing but old, dusty magazines and never-listened-to CDs, it's time to throw those out and make room for the helpful amazing magical bins. Step one: get bins. Obviously it matters how big your shelves are, but the bins should be big enough to fit a piece of paper without having to fold it. For kids it may be better to use their school folders as a good measurement. Next: label the bins. If the bin is plastic, a permanent marker could do the trick, but if you are looking for something more decorative, getting distressed wooden boxed and sticky-back chalkboard labels is a perfect solution. 

Organizing for the fall has never bin easier. 


If you can't find bins you like, wrap old shoeboxes in neutral-toned wrapping paper - super cute!


 (Photo credit: and


3.  Embrace the Bulletin Board

You may be thinking, "Why do I need a bulletin board and a calendar?" The bulletin board will serve as a back-up system to your calendar. Any invitations you get, notes you have to scribble down, or field trip permission slips you need to sign can be quickly tacked onto the board. Creating categories like "added" and "not yet added" on your bulletin board will help you remember what you have and have not added to your master calendar. You can use colored tape to separate the sections and simultaneously add a bit flair to the room.


Use colored sticky notes on each new addition to the bulletin board as a quick way to help you categorize . (As long as you have a way to remeber what the colors mean!)


(Photo credit:

Let us know if these tips helped and tell us your fall organizing tips on our Facebook page! 

4 Dos & Don'ts of Using Patterns

Using patterns when decorating a home is very on-trend right now. However, it can go really really wrong, really really quickly. Whether you're new to the world of interior design or a seasoned pro, we hope these tips will help when it comes to using patterns in your home.


1. Use the Pattern as a Small, Repetitive Accent

Adding just a splash of pattern can easily jazz up a room. The picture below is a perfect example of how a little bit can go a long way. Just two of the chairs and a couple of throw pillows have patterns but the room looks more inviting and open. The rug also has a pattern but it is so neutral that it doesn't cause too much clutter within the room, the chairs are the true focal points. Goes to show how a small detail can have a huge impact. 

Small-accent-repetitive-pattern(Photo credit:


2.  Mix and Match Patterns (But Know When Enough is Enough)

Mixing patterns can be tricky because it's easy to go overboard (see #3). However, if you have the ability to find the perfect combinations, your room will look luxurious. The picture below shows a room that is not overwhelmed by patterns, yet also features at least five different ones. The trick here is that each pattern only has one color and a neutral background tone, making them easier to combine with other patterns. The ottoman in the bottom right corner is the only multi-colored pattern in the room and it features the colors of all of the surrounding patterns - which ties everything together. Using patterns is all about balance.

mixing-patterns-desert-colors (Photo credit:



3. Use Too Many Different Patterns

Having too many geometric patterns in a room can really crowd the space. The designs can easily create a confused, overwhelming feeling and the room will begin to feel much smaller. As you can see, a room can feel cramped even when there is no one in it. 


(Photo credit:


4. Use Too Much of the Same Pattern

While some may find this look charming, we find it to be suffocating. Using too many of the same patterns can create a "room-spinning" effect. Switching up the patterns will help you avoid feeling claustrophobic. For example, in the picture below, if the walls were a subtle red stripe and the chairs were a soft chevron in white or neutral tone, the room would immediately open up. 

Too-much-of-the-same-pattern-2(Photo credit:


We hope this helps you when it comes to using patterns!

How to Have the Best Summer Ever

We're halfway through the summer, but that doesn't mean it's over yet. With August just around the corner, it's time to enjoy the season as much as you can -- before it's too late. And we've got just the tips you need to relax, rewind, and enjoy the sun.

Fruit Smoothie Summertime


Summer is the perfect time to sip on some cool strawberry lemonade, or a new juice and smoothie blend. Try out something new like a muddled blueberry lemonade, kale smoothie, or carrot juice. Try out new flavors and get healthy and hydrate at the same time. And when chilly November and December come around, you can still enjoy one of these cool tasty drinks inside (you just might have to turn the thermostat up!)

Explore Hike Travel


With school out and some added vacation time, take some days to yourself to explore some new places with friends and family. And you don't need to go all the way across the world. Check out what great hiking, rafting, or biking destinations are near your area. Or have a staycation and see what it's like to visit your hometown! 


With extra time and the warm weather, try your hand at some home improvement. Is your home looking a little dull on the outside or inside? Take a day and paint your house. And try out a new color. Do some research on Pinterest or Houzz and see what colors people paint homes of a similar style to yours. You might be surprised that a coat of warm gray can make your home look that much better. And you'll feel great when you've finished your DIY project (and the neighbors will feel jealous!)

Grill and BBQ


Take advantage of our outdoor BBQ and cook or entertain as much as you can outside. In just a couple of months, you'll look outside longingly to your BBQ and yearn for summer. So make sure you plan ahead and grill, grill, grill. And try out some new recipes! Almost anything can be grilled and be delicious. 

Try a Sport

Try out a new sport in the beautiful outdoors. Whether you've been thinking about taking tennis lessons or want to take up softball, summer is the perfect time to explore. And then when winter comes around, find indoor arenas where you can keep on playing the game now that you love it. 

American Furniture Then and Now

As the 4th of July approaches, we think about the history of the United States -- and the history of its furniture! Many different groups of settlers brought their own style of furniture to the mainland and since then, these furniture pieces have evolved and changed into the style we know as: traditional American furniture. 

The Bald Eagle

After the signing of the constitution, the eagle became a national symbol of both freedom and the United States. The image of the eagle found its way carved into furniture, within artwork, and even on embroidery. As you look at traditional rooms and designs, you'll often be able to distinguish the similar English and American style pieces if the Eagle makes an appearance in the decorations.


Since each American colony was separate, they often had their own unique style of cabinetmaking. Cabinetry found its way throughout the house: cupboards, kitchens, dressers, chests, buffets, and more. These differences could include the style itself and the type of wood. Different colonies had access to different types of wood with different finishes and grains. For example, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the two-tone wood chest became popular. It featured two types of wood that was locally available, versus other colonies that had access to more exotic wood. 

The Swivel Chair

Our own Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair, a chair that you often see in offices and homes across the world. He adapted the Windsor chair -- an English classic -- and added an iron spindle with castors so that he could move in between desks in his office. The chair is now a staple.

Made in the USA American Furniture Buy

Arts & Crafts or Mission Style

The Arts and Crafts or "Mission" style era occurred during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The style featured heavy uses of woods including oak and maple and simple decorative carvings, very different from English and French influences. This style continued through the 1920s and you can still find it in some homes today.

High Point, North Carolina

High Point, North Carolina is often referred to as the furniture capitol of the world. In fact most furniture factories opened there in 1889. Today almost every furniture manufacturer has a factory or warehouse in High Point and it's where most trends, styles, and looks come from.

Prep Your Home for Summer

With summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how to prepare and maintain your home for the summer. Summer brings on a whole new set of elements, such as heavy rains, drought, and hot and humid temperatures. It's important to keep your home cool throughout the summer, not only to avoid overheating but also to keep your energy bills down. We have some easy tips to make sure your home (and you!) are ready for the summer heat. 

Turn Back Your...Fan

If you have a ceiling fan, then here is a quick and easy tip. Change your fan to rotate counter-clockwise. This allows more cool air to flow throughout your home. The way the blades turn and force the air, creates a wind-chill effect within your home. You'll save on energy costs related to using your AC or keeping your fan on for longer time spans.

Plant Some Trees

Plant some trees around or over your home. Think about it: outside trees keep you cool by providing shade. The same applies to your home. Trees block the sun's strong rays from directly hitting your home, saving you costs on cooling. Another tip is to have a tree planted over your AC unit, which allows it to run more efficiently. 

Swap Your Bulbs

If you have incandescent bulbs inside your house, summer is the time to swap them out for some LED lights. Incandescent bulbs tend to burn significantly hotter, making your space even warmer than it already is. 

Turn Off the AC

On more moderately warm days, turn off your AC and let the outside cool air in. Our homes tend to absorb heat from the sun, even when it's cooler outside. On days when it's not super hot, let the cool air in and save on energy costs. And before the summer starts, clean out your AC unit so that it can run more efficiently for the days you do end up using it. 

Keep Warm Air Out

Alternatively, for days when it's really hot out, you want to block outside air from coming in. Just before summer begins, take inventory of any cracks in baseboard molding, windows, or walls that could be letting cold or hot air in. And if there is, use caulk to keep it out. This will let your AC run more efficiently and keep your home cooler throughout the summer months. 

Don't Forget Your Attic

Hot air rises. And if you have an attic, you probably know this. Your attic will absorb heat from the sun and hold hot air without any ventilation. Install a fan or vent so that your attic can have a proper air flow like the rest of your house. 

Caring for Your Outdoor Furniture

We've launched our new outdoor furniture line just in time for summer! And in the spirit of enjoying your very own backyard, we've rounded up the best in tips and tricks in caring for your outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture sees many different elements throughout the course of the year -- especially during the summer. Because of this, maintaining your outdoor furniture is a tad different than how you care for you family sofa.

Outdoor Furniture

First and foremost, it's important to take a look at the manufacturer or care instructions. These instructions will tell you what material it's made of and how best to clean it. There are four basic types of outdoor materials: rattan/wicker, wood, metal, and plastic. And of course there are outdoor fabrics as well. Each type of material should be treated uniquely and cleaned accordingly. 


Rattan or wicker furniture is usually made from natural fibers, coated papers, and reinforced with metal for a stronger structure. Since natural woven materials are susceptible to damage, most outdoor pieces come covered in clear resin, varnish, or paint. This way sunshine and water won't wear on the fibers. Since the sun can damage your rattan or wicker pieces overtime, it's important to leave your furniture outside for no more than two weeks if you're not using it. When cleaning rattan or wicker furniture, use a dry paint brush with mild soap and water. Or use a vacuum. Try to avoid using too much water as you'll weaken the fibers.


Wood is a common outdoor furniture material. And most woods chosen for outdoor furniture tend to be more durable and hold up against the elements. However, it's always a good idea to use a sealant on your wood furniture every 1-3 years. A sealant will help preserve the color and protect against general wear and tear. If you're looking to remove stains or mildew, mix a solution of 1 gallon hot water with powdered oxygen bleach. Then use the solution to scrub the furniture with a soft bristle brush and then rinse with water. And to restore the original wood coloring, use fine-grit sandpaper and then rinse off. In the event that the area of wood is too large to sandpaper, mix water with oxalic acid crystals (also known as wood brightener) and that should do the trick. 


Since most metals are prone to rust outside, most outdoor metal furniture is treated with resin, clear varnish, or paint. So when cleaning, use a mild solution such as soap and water and then wipe it clean. After cleaning, apply a quality liquid paste or auto paste wax with a lint-free cloth, to seal it and give it a sheen. If you do need to do a touch-up with paint, try and find the closest color in an outdoor paint, or reach out to the manufacturer. Avoid painting on days that are extremely humid as the increase in air moisture can affect the way the paint dries.


All outdoor fabrics are considered performance fabrics so they are extra resistant to sun damage, stains, moisture, and mildew. Outdoor fabric has pigment-infused fibers so that they are less prone to damage from elements. If you have removable outdoor covers, then you can put them through the wash or hand-wash them. Or for covers that are not removable, try a power-washer or rinsing them with mild soap and water. In order to avoid permanent staining, regularly brush off dirt and debris and rinse as needed.

More Tips

  • Apply a fabric protector such as 303 High Tech Fabric Guard once a year. 
  • Before making a purchase, look at the seat width and depth for maximum comfort and lounging. 
  • Outdoor umbrellas not only keep you cool, but they also keep your outdoor furniture in tip-top shape by blocking natural elements.
  • When you're not using your outdoor furniture, store them inside or invest in furniture covers. 
  • Before cleaning and caring for your outdoor pieces, read the care instructions so you know what materials it's made from and how to best clean it.

Get Ready for Spring Entertaining

Time to open up the patio doors, invite friends and family over, and get ready for spring entertaining. We've got some great tips to help you get ready for outdoor entertaining and getting your backyard ready just in time -- don't forget about all the lawn and garden prep!

Outdoor Decor

Bug Prevention

If you're moving your entertaining to the outdoors, one of your biggest concerns is probably bug prevention. Don't let mosquitoes or other bugs ruin your event. Invest in decorative citronella candles, lanterns, or sprays. These candles and lanterns will not only keep the bugs away, but they'll also add an intimate atmosphere to your outdoor party. So your guests won't leave with bug bites all over. 

Outdoor Lighting

Need to add some decor and vibe to your outdoor space in a pinch? Outdoor hanging lights are a great way to do this. Hang them from your gazebo or across perpendicular roofs on an angle. And invest in extra long cording so you can plug in your hanging lights.

Outdoor Lighting Hanging Lights

Prep the Yard

Before you think of inviting guests over for a backyard party, make sure you've prepped your lawn and garden. Time to pull out the weeds and get your grass back to green after a harsh winter. Stagger potted plants on your stairs and invest in fresh cut flowers for your table decor. A true garden party is exactly what it sounds like: embracing the garden!

Make It Cozy

Make your outdoor lounging area cozy and comfortable -- especially with bright and colorful cushions, throw pillows, and umbrellas. Spring (and summer!) is the perfect time to embrace color everywhere. So have fun with your background. Pair up coral with lime green, or pink with teal blue, and don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns. Outdoor decor is very forgiving to mixing and matching both patterns and color palettes.

Outdoor Entertaining and Decorating


The best part of any outdoor party? Games! Set-up outdoor games such as croquet, badminton, cornhole, shuffleboard, or handball. Have game stations set up, so guests can rotate throughout each game for hours of endless fun. 

Image Sources: KBC Developments, SF Green SpacesDebi Treloar