Our Favorite Holiday Crafts Round-Up

Get your home holiday-ready with these festive and merry crafts. With floating cranberry candles and handmade pillows, here are some easy DIYs to get your home in the holiday spirit. Swap out your decor pillows with some holiday pillows, and add some winter frost to your mirrors. Share your photos with us on Facebook or Twitter!

  • Holiday Candles
    Create floating candles in mason jars with
    cranberries and pine. Learn how >
  • Holiday Wreath
    A multi-colored pom pom wreath is a great
    way to add some spirit. Learn how >
  • Holiday Poms
    Hang some honeycomb pendents over your
    dining table. Learn how >
  • Holiday Pillows
    Add holiday-themed pillows to your sofas
    and accent chairs. Learn how >
  • Holiday Gloves
    DIY your winter gloves with handmade
    monograms. Learn how >
  • Holiday Trees
    Pine tree candle holders for the dining
    table. Learn how >

The Prism

The Prism

The Gardner

The Gardner

The Cordoba

The Cordoba

The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle

The Diamondback

The Diamondback

The Mystique

The Mystique

The Newport II

The Newport II

The Gramercy

The Gramercy

The Casino

The Casino

The Vista

The Vista

The Ritz

The Ritz

The Newport Accent Chair

Newport Accent Chair

The 12 Days of Accent Chairs

The 12 Days of Chairs

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6 Last Minute Ways to Decorate The Thanksgiving Table

Happy Thanksgiving from the Furniture.com team! Chances are you're most likely rushing around to finish cooking and getting the house ready for guests. But don't let your dining table become a last thought for decor. We've got 8 great (and quick!) ways to easily decorate your Thanksgiving table. So you can do it in between cooking the turkey, the pie, the cranberry sauce, and the gravy. And if you're looking for more Thanksgiving tips, check out our Turkey Day cheat sheet.

Turn to Mother Nature

If it's an hour before guests arrive and you've got absolutely nothing in your home, it might be a bit too late to run to the store. Look no further than outside. There is probably limited plant life thriving outside -- but this is perfect for the seasonality of the Thanksgiving table. Grab your coat and head outside. Look for pine cones, pine branches, fall leaves, or acorns. There's a lot you can do with Mother Nature's beauty. We love some of these ideas below that transform basic napkin rings or candles into fall masterpieces. 

Mother Nature

Add to the Table Setting

A simple yet elegant way to add some flair to your Thanksgiving table is to add to the table setting with a striking artichoke or pumpkin. Have some extra vegetables or starches around? See how you can incorporate pears, apples, artichokes, pumpkins, or squash with the center of your plate. This will offer up a finished look to the table. Finish it off with a hand-written name card attached to the top of a pine cone or tied to the pear stem for a personal touch.

Table Setting

Find Some Paper

If you're not into the natural look, then find some paper and get your craft on. Cut up fun leaf or acorn shapes to scatter across the table -- like a Thanksgiving confetti. Or create leaf napkin rings like below. And if you have kids, this is a great activity for them during the day while you're cooking.

Find Some Paper

Get Painting

For a clean and modern look, try transforming your favorite Thanksgiving decor with some paint. We love how clean and elegant these white and gold painted pears look. Or stack painted squash and pumpkins in jars for a new approach to the Thanksgiving vase. By adding some metallics, you're sure to make any table setting more glamorous.

Get Painting

Start Crafting with Vegetables

If you have some extra vegetables or starches left over, put them to use on your candles. We love how fresh and natural these asparagus and string bean candles look. Create an assortment and place them throughout the table for a farmhouse look. Just make sure you put the vegetables low enough around the candle to avoid a fire hazard. 


Kids Creativity

Get the kids to work with some creative drawing and art on butcher paper. You can use it as a runner on the table and it will keep them busy during the day! And to make sure it's ready in time, opt for markers or crayons so you don't have to worry about drying time. 

Kids Creativity

Image Sources: Babble, MBDesireChatelaine Magazine, Soleil Selene, Free Decorating Ideas, Top Dreamer, Today's Creative Blog.

How to Master This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to sit down with family, say thanks, and enjoy a deliciously prepared meal. But it can also be the best time for things to go wrong. Your dog could eat the turkey (it happens quite often!), your pie doesn’t cook right, or there isn’t enough seating. It seems like there are endless things that can go wrong. We’ve got some tips for you to make sure that you’ll have a wonderful meal and a great time with family.

Master This Thanksgiving

Gather Your Recipes

A week or two before Thanksgiving, lay out all the recipes you plan to use. Take inventory of all the ingredients you’ll need across all of the recipes. This will help with a couple of things. First, you can check your pantry and fridge to see what you already have. Second, this will then help you create a master grocery list in advance. You may have to buy certain things in increments. For example, you may need to buy pears a couple days in advance for ripening. Try to avoid shopping at the grocery store at least a day before (or on the day of!) Thanksgiving.

Make a Schedule

While you have all of your recipes laid out, take notes of how long each dish takes to prepare. This will help you create a master calendar where you can block off the exact stages of food preparation. This way you’ll know how early you need to wake up, how many helping hands you need in the kitchen, and when exactly dinner will be ready. Be sure to factor in time to set the table and add some décor items!

Going Shopping

Before you head out to the grocery store, group your grocery items by aisle. You’re probably familiar with your grocery store layout so you can figure out which aisles you’d like to hit first. You’ll have a fast and easy shopping trip. And don’t forget your list!

Confirm the Guest List

If you’re having relatives and friends come by for Thanksgiving dinner, make sure you confirm the guest list a couple days in advance. This will help you keep tabs on that grocery list and also make sure you can plan for extra seating if needed. You never know when an extra guest will tag along! And we’ve got some great ideas for extra seating.

Prepare Some Appetizers

Chances are guests will arrive early, or things may not finish cooking right on time. If you’re still getting things ready as people arrive, this is a great time to have appetizers and cocktails ready. Have these out in the living room – away from the dining room and the kitchen. This way they will all gather in a separate room and you can “effortlessly” get everything together.  

Creating a Cozy Winter Bedroom

It's winter and your bedroom should be cozy. And whether you need a cozy bedroom for functional purposes (heat doesn't quite work right?) or you just love that comfy winter look, it's the perfect time of the year to transform your bedroom into your snowy oasis. It's also another great way you can embrace the holiday staycation.

Cozy Winter Bedroom Tips

Layer, Layer, Layer

You know what they say -- if you want to be warm in the winter, pile on the layers. And the same rule applies to your bed. Embrace comforters, throw pillows, and blankets in softer and thicker fabrics -- like faux fur or cable-knit. You'll want to look for these in more neutral colors, like beige, gray, white, and brown to bring the outdoors in. If you want to add in some accent colors, look for more subtle hues like forest green, burgundy red, or slate blue. To keep the look consistent throughout the space, add extra pillows and blankets on to chairs or benches. 

Lower the Lights

There's nothing that makes a room more cozy and intimate than lowering the lights. Try turning off your main lighting and go for table lamps or floor lamps. Look for lower wattage bulbs or lights that have dimmers -- these will give the space a nice soothing glow. And for an even more intimate effect, skip out on the lamps and lights all together and light some candles. Add a touch of holiday spirit with a pine or cinnamon-smelling candle.  

Bring in Winter's Light

Bring winter's beauty inside! If your windows have good insulation, then open your curtains or blinds to show off nature's beauty. Fresh snow brings in a stunning white light – which you can in our winter bedroom inspiration photos. To keep your bedroom insulated, look for thickly-lined curtains or drapes in velvet or canvas. 

Stay on Your Toes

It's almost impossible to be cozy if your feet are cold. A great pair of slippers always does the trick, but when it comes to your bedroom, look for soft and furry rugs. Such as faux fur or shag rugs in neutral tones. These rugs will be comfortable under your feet but also keep the space white and light.

And learn how to transform the rest of your home into a winter wonderland with our staycation guide.

Image Sources: PinterestPhoto ProblemElements of Style, and Mother Earth Living.

Have a Holiday Staycation

Staying in town this holiday season? Often times the stress of packing, traveling, and being away from home can take all the relaxation out of vacation. Plan a holiday staycation instead and you won’t be missing out on a getaway. We have some easy ways to transform your home into a winter wonderland so that you can relax and unwind, all from the comfort of your own couch.

Deck the Halls

The best way to embrace the holiday spirit in your home is to transform your place into a winter wonderland. No matter what you celebrate, bring out some seasonal or holiday-themed decorations and accents. Try out natural wreathes and garlands for a fresh, wintry smell. And add on some sweet-smelling candles like gingerbread or cinnamon. Take some tips from boutique hotels and opt for decorations that are elegant but not invasive. Like fresh floral or plant accents.

Holiday Decor

Bring on the Layers

You’ll want your home to look super cozy for the perfect winter wonderland retreat. And the best way to do this is to add in extra throw pillows and throw blankets – even more than you may have now – for that perfect comfy and cozy winter look. Mix and match patterns or even add in a new color to shake things up a bit. Try for different sizes and shapes of pillows too. Mix and match larger pillows (like 20x20) with smaller pillows (like 16x16).

Cozy Holiday Style

Holiday Tunes

It’s the only time of the year you can get away with playing your favorite holiday tunes. We love classics like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Have them play softly in the background so you really feel like you’re living in a holiday movie.

Host a Matinee

Host a holiday movie night at your home – complete with caramel popcorn, spiced apple cider, and roasted nuts. Invite friends and family over and turn up the coziness by using your fireplace or lighting some candles. And add on some fun! Make a game and keep tabs on how many times characters say a word like “holiday” and see who wins at the end.

Light a Fire

Have a working fireplace? Light it up to keep your home toasty and the holiday spirit high. And if you don’t have a working fireplace, try filling your fireplace with birched wood to embrace the winter spirit. For a cottage look, stock 2-3 logs in the fireplace, and for a sophisticated and elegant look, stack the whole space with logs. 

Fireplace with Logs

And check out some more holiday posts to get ready for the season!

Images: Apartment TherapyBosworth Hoedemaker, and Pinterest

Hosting Holiday Get-Togethers with Limited Space

During the holidays, you need a lot more space. Space for guests, gifts, and of course -- food and drinks. Apart from Thanksgiving and holiday eve dinners, most family get-togethers take place in the living room. And you may realize that you're running tight with table space for kettle corn, hors d'oeuvres, board games, and egg nog. Here are some quick tips to get the most out of your limited space.


Squeeze in a Sofa Table

The sofa table is the perfect piece for small spaces -- especially around the holidays. It's narrow but has enough surface space for a variety of dishes and drinks. Try sliding it behind a sofa or against a wall. Usually sofa tables are 12-20 inches -- like the Shannon sofa table. Add on some holiday decor touches, like a tall vase of flowers or a wreath hanging above. It will help tie your look together. 

Double-Up with a Side Table

Take advantage of your end tables for extra food and storage space. Move off any current items -- like lamps to make more space. And it's always good to look for side tables with two shelves so you can store extra board games or drinks. The best part? The second shelf will help minimize any additional clutter. We love the new Charo bar side table -- it's a must for holiday entertaining. 

Try a Tray

Have an ottoman? Use it to your advantage! Ottomans are great for extra seating -- but it's also good for food and drinks. Just simply add a chic serving tray to avoid spills and you've got an extra spot for apple cider and gingerbread cookies. Or double-up with trays to get even more space for food. 

Fitting in Decor

If you're crammed for space, you may be worried that you won't have room for holiday decor. But you will! Opt for tall and narrow decorations that will bring extra drama to your room but won't take up too much width or depth. Like winter branches or a tall vase with ornaments stacked. Or look to the walls! Wreathes or hanging ornaments are a great way to add on decor without taking away from extra space. 

Image Sources: Martha Stewart, Aspen Home, and Martha Stewart

5 Tips for the Guest Bedroom Makeover

It’s that time of the year again. Friends and family are popping by for surprise visits and overnights. Most of the year, your guest room is forgotten. It’s probably used to store that treadmill or extra school projects. But during November and December, your guest room should be ready to become the perfect oasis. After all, you don’t want your mother-in-law complaining of a bad mattress every morning!

Guest Beroom

Clean Up

You probably haven’t used your guest bedroom in almost a year. Since then, you most likely have used the space for storage and miscellaneous items. The guest room usually becomes a catch-all and that’s okay. But now it’s time to clean it up and de-clutter.  Try and find another location for any miscellaneous items or if it has to stay in the room, invest in chic storage bins that will help clutter look clean.

Make Your Bed

The first step is to choose a bed that is hypoallergenic, comfortable, and relaxing so that your guests feel right at home. Start with the mattress: everyone has different mattress preferences so find one that’s in the middle of being too hard or too soft. That way it’s likely to suit any guest’s preferences.

And make sure you have a plethora of pillows – both soft and hard. This will help the room look homey but also help if your guests have a pillow preference. And with a combination of heavy comforters and lighter blankets, your visitors will sleep well whether they have a tendency to get too hot or too cold. And here’s the true test: spend a night or two in the guest bed to see how you feel the next morning.

Give Them Space

You’ll want to make sure your guests have storage space and table space for any unpacking or work that they need to do. You’ll want at least one nightstand, a dresser for clothes and accessories, and if room allows – a desk where they can use the internet or catch up on work. Adding in these pieces will help them feel more at home.

In The Details

It’s the smaller details that will really make your guest feel at home. From extra hangers in the closet, to fresh towels, to a bathroom stocked with fresh toiletries. Most likely your guest will have forgotten something. As the host, you should act as a hotel and make sure they have what they need.  

Extra Space?

If there’s extra space in the room, create a small reading nook or sitting area. This can take the form of a bench or wing chair. Either are great – but choose one that will work best in the space. This will allow your guests some “getaway” time from all the holiday craziness.