Turn an Old Drawer into a Jewelry Organizer


Cassie Bustamante, from Primitive and Proper, loves saving old furniture from the wood chipper. She found a dresser she wasn't a huge fan of, but loved the drawers and decided to make something beautiful with one of them. Check it out!

I am a big believer in saving furniture from the landfill, and sometimes that means just salvaging parts of pieces that have truly seen better days.  I found a funky waterfall style dresser at a flea market for a steal, but the body had some issues and it just wasn’t worth the save.  However, it had 4 in-tact and I really liked the chippy layers of mustard yellow paint with hints of blue peeking through.


I decided to save the drawers and reinvent them, giving them other uses.  I’ve seen drawers repurposed into shelves, under bed storage, and so much more.  Today I am going to show you how to make an old drawer into a jewelry organizer.

You will need paint and a brush, measuring tape, a drill and drill bit, tea cup hooks, pliers, and petite vintage dishes (optional).

First, paint the drawer.  Since it will all be exposed you want to make sure you paint every surface.  I loved the existing old yellow paint on the drawer front, but there was no way I was going to be able to match it exactly, so I chose a complementary color, General Finishes Persian Blue.  The drawer had little bits of blue showing under the yellow, so this color brought that out nicely.  The paint went on beautifully, and I was able to give it just one coat.


Once the paint is dry, measure the inside of the drawer front, both length and width.  You will use these measurements to mark where you want to put your teacup hooks.  My drawer was 25” wide, so I kept them spaced 2.5” apart from one another.  It was 8” deep, so I spaced them just 2” apart going back.  I drew dots with a pencil to mark each spot that a teacup hook would be placed.


Check the size of your teacup hooks, and select a drill bit that is slightly smaller in width.  Often the package will tell you what size bit to use, but if not, just make sure it’s slightly narrower than the hook you want to screw in place. Drill pilot holes on each of your marks, careful not to drill through the drawer front.


Now screw your teacup hooks into your pilot holes as tightly as you can.  To tighten them further, use a pliers to turn them, facing the hook towards you so that it's easy to access them when using to hang jewelry.


Start with the bottom and work your way up the grid of holes to leave your hands more room to work.  Continue working your way up until all of the hooks are in place, tightening with the pliers as you go.


Now comes the fun part- organize your jewelry!  With so many hooks, there is a hook for every necklace, bracelet, or dangly earring pair you own. You can add little vintage dishes to store small earrings and bracelets as well.  




This project was fairly simple, and saved a piece from its ultimate destruction at the dump.  Of course, I still have three more perfectly good drawers, and my wheels are spinning, ready to churn out some new repurposed ideas!

For more fun DIY projects, check out the rest of the Home Expert Series, or follow us on Pinterest!

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Top 5 Decorating Tips for Renters: How to Decorate your 'Home for Now'


Trend Mogul's Gabrielle Anschau is back and this time shes giving us some tips to turn a drab rental into a fab, personalized dream home...for now. Get ready to transform your rental.

Aside from the rare few, most rental homes are not renowned for their warmth and character. But renters never fear - stylish homes are not just for homeowners! There are many quick, affordable, and temporary ways to transform even the blandest, cookie-cutter rentals into a fabulous, personalized homes…even if it is ‘just for now’. 

1. Invest in storage. 

Rentals often lack permanent storage fixtures such as custom wardrobes and cabinetry, and since installing these yourself is not an option, use bookcases and shelves to display and store your possessions. Investing in a couple of stock-standard bookshelves from Ikea may be the best investment you make!


(Photo via: Homepolish.com)

2. Replace the Hardware.

Switching up the knobs and handles on drawers and cupboards will add a fresh and stylish flair to drab kitchens and bathrooms. Remember to keep the original knobs and handles to swap back on moving day. 

(Photo via: onekingslane.com)

3. Accessorize. 

Add vibrancy and life to your home with rugs, cushions, indoor plants, and your own personal collections. Create the illusion of permanency with items that represent your personality and interests – there is no reason your rental home needs to look like motel room. Tip: Create a focal point for each room, whether it is a floor length mirror, a quirky lamp or a funky vintage chair. Choose something that represents who you are! 

(Photo via: designmom.com)

4. Amp-up your art collection. 

You don’t need colorful walls to create a vibrant room. Embrace white and neutral walls as a subtle backdrop for your favorite colorful and pattern-packed pieces. Artwork is the simplest way to inject personality into a room and doesn’t need to break the bank to be beautiful. Framed posters are a great way to add style and personality to your home, and can be easily swapped with new ones at any time at minimal cost. Tip: Don’t despair if your fussy landlord disapproves of drilling holes in walls. Rather, rest frames on shelves or the ground against the wall. For light canvas pieces opt for stick-on hooks.  

Photo-4-GA-2 (Photo via: frenchyfancy.com)

5.  Pick versatile furniture. 

Always go for versatile furniture in neutral tones that will suit your home, move-to-move. Although we may fall in love with certain statement pieces, it makes transitioning them into your next rental all the more difficult as you don’t know what you will be styling them against and what kind of room dimensions you will be dealing with. Save yourself time and money and opt for compact, neutral pieces when it comes to purchasing core pieces of furniture such as beds, lounges, dining tables etc. There are easier (and cheaper) ways to show off your personality!


For more amazing decorating tips, check out the rest of the Home Expert Series or visit our Pinterest page
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Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake Cannoli


Alicia, from The Crafterglow, is back and bringing the fall flavors to Pursuit of Home. We all know Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSLs) are slowly sneaking up on us, but Alicia has brought us something new: the PCC. These Pumpkin Cheesecake Cannolis are the less-basic way to enjoy your favorite fall flavors, so dig in! 

It’s that time again. Time to bust out your sweaters and boots and enjoy that crisp autumn air. Being a September baby myself, I have always loved the fall. I adore it all; from the beautiful colors emerging on the trees outside to the trips to the farmers markets. But what I love the most about fall is what I love the most about almost everything: the food. I haven’t wasted any time and already started adding pumpkin to just about everything I’ve been baking, and this pumpkin cheesecake cannoli filling is a new favorite.


With the holidays around the corner and all the parties that go along with this time of year, I like to find unique but easy dish that I can quickly whip up. This pumpkin cheesecake cannoli recipe is easy, no bake, has minimum ingredients, and you can serve it in a variety of ways. You can even throw the filling in a pretty serving dish with cannoli chips or pretzels if you don’t feel like filling individual shells. 

They take about 20-30 minutes to make and they combine all the best parts of pumpkin pie, cheesecake and cannolis. Does it get any better?


2 packages of cream cheese (softened)
1½ cups powdered sugar
1½ cups canned pumpkin
1 cup whipping/heavy cream
¼ cup chopped pecans
¼ cup chocolate chips
2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
Caramel syrup (for garnishing)
2 12-count packages mini cannoli shells or chips

(Yield: 50 mini cannoli pastries or 20-25 large ones)


First, combine the softened cream cheese,
powdered sugar, pumpkin pie spice,
and canned pumpkin in a large mixing bowl.
Then, beat ingredients until smooth.
Add the chocolate chips and pecans and mix in.
You could also switch it up with other chopped nuts,
white chocolate or cinnamon chips,
or even toffee pieces.
Feel free to experiment with anything you might prefer.
In a separate bowl, beat the whipping cream
on high speed until it begins to
get fluffy and form peaks.
It should become the consistency of a whipped topping.
Fold the pumpkin cream cheese mixture
into the whipped cream until thoroughly mixed.
Now your cannoli filling is done- it’s really that simple!
If you aren’t going to be serving this right
away, store the filling in the refrigerator.
When you are ready to serve, pipe the filling i
the cannoli shells (I used a plastic sandwich bag that
I snipped the corner off  of as a makeshift pastry bag),
and garnish with a drizzle of caramel sauce
for an elegant and yummy display.
If you have chips you can also pipe the
filling on top and create cute little open-faced cannoli desserts.
A third option is to put the filling in a serving dish as a dip.


I was surprised by how simple this dish really is and oh-so-tempting! I was digging into this filling with a spoon before I even got to filling the shells! This is a great way give yourself and your family a homemade treat to fill that pumpkin craving without even turning on the oven!  

For more recipes, check out the rest of our Home Expert Series, or head to our Pinterest page!

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Transforming a Dresser from Blah to Beautiful


Hello again my Beauties! Are you ready for another edition of the DIY Home Expert Series? Today I want to show you how you can take an old piece of furniture that some might find boring and hideous and make it gorgeous. I find that the uglier the piece is to begin with, the more magnificent the transformation.


For today's makeover I decided I was gonna bring this funky, outdated dresser back to a fun and functioning piece of furniture that someone would be proud to show off.

This piece needed help.



First, I took off the hardware with screwdriver. Since the hardware was so specific to the style of the dresser I decided to reuse them. I cleaned them and gave them a shot of some brassy gold spray paint. Next, I had to update the body of the dresser. I wanted the piece to be bold and fun, yet still have a little bit of elegance. I chose a deep blue/teal hue.


I used a mineral/chalk paint because it adheres really well to these type of pieces. I lightly sanded the whole dresser with 60 grit sand paper, wiped it down with warm water and a cloth, and let it dry. With mineral/chalk paint I like to do thin coats because it dries quicker, allowing me to move on to my next coat faster.


I painted the whole dresser giving it two thin coats. When it was dry I used my wax and a brush and applied it to the dresser. After about 24 hours of letting the wax cure I used a soft cloth and buffed the whole thing.When it was ready I put my brassy hardware back on.


Can you even believe that ugly old outdated dresser is now this fabulous blue accent piece? Don’t shy away when you see an ugly piece of furniture. Think of the potential that it could have and what a statement it could make in your home.


I am happy to say that this piece sold right away and is now enjoying its renewed life in a new home. Until next time, have a beautiful day!

For more DIY projects, check out the rest of our Home Expert Series featuring a lineup of fabulous interior design bloggers! 

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Easy DIY Chippy Shutters for Fall


Jessica Bures, from Live Randomly Simple, is getting us in the fall spirit! She's teaching us how to make easy, cute, and festive chippy shutters to get you in the mood for autumn.

I am so excited for fall to get here! Yes, I will greatly miss summer, but fall is my season! I love all of the colors, Halloween decorations, pumpkins...I could go on and on! So I thought I would show you a great project to DIY at home this beautiful season.


We found these shutters on Craigslist and drove over an hour to get them, because we were obsessed! Are they not awesome, and chippy, and perfect!? After a while of staring at their beauty I realized I should probably get started on making something fun out of them. What better way to kick start fall than with chippy shutters?

Start by spraying poly on both sides to secure the chippy paint and preserve them. This step can be skipped, but it will really help them last even longer.


Next, grab a thin, wooden board and draw out pumpkins and crows. The size will depend on the height of your shutter. The pumpkin should be about 10 inches thinner than the shutter and the crow should be about 3/4 of the size of the pumpkin. Use a jig saw to cut out the shapes.


After you get your pumpkin and crow cut out, grab a helper and paint them!


Once the crow dries, tie a piece of raffia around the neck.

I painted the pumpkin orange, then I used dark briwax to go over them and give them some fun detail and make them look old and dingy. I have a full post on my blog on how to apply and use briwax. It is my favorite supply to have in stock!


Next we are going to make the banners. Grab some burlap and cut triangles to fit across the shutter. You can do FALL or BOO or whatever verbiage suits your style.


After you get the triangles cut, grab some black paint and write on the letters (or use stencils if you want them to be perfect.) I just drew mine on because I think it gives the piece a more vintage feel. 


To turn it into a banner just flip the letters over and hot glue a piece of twine across the back. Leave about 6-8 inches of twine on both sides of the banner to tie it to the shutter.


Once the triangles are hot glued onto the twine, tie it onto the shutter. The final step is to grab a piece of thin wood to use for the stem of the pumpkin. It can be any shape or size and using a piece of scrap is best to not be wasteful!
Once you have all of the elements done and dried its time to attach them. Grab a nail gun and nail them onto the shutter carefully. I used brad nails to attach it. If you do not have a nail gun you can glue them on or even staple them. Just use what you have and make it work!


Well I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel free to leave any questions or comments below! Making these Fall shutters made me even more excited to get all of my fall decor out and start decorating.



For more fun projects, check out the rest of our Home Expert Series or head to our Pinterest page

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DIY Kids' Toy Bookends


Julie Grimmett, from Julie is Coco and Cocoa, is sharing a super creative project with us. Now that the kids are headed back to school, learn how to turn their old toys into fabulous home accents! 


Kids outgrow toys. It’s just part of life. But, as a Mom, there are certain toys that I find more sentimental than other toys; there are a special a few that I just want to hang on to a little while longer. I’m taking some of their toy dinosaurs to turn into bookends.



Your chosen toy(s)
A piece of wood (I found these wooden blanks already beveled)
Epoxy glue
Spray paint



Start by attaching your toys to the
wooden base using the epoxy glue.
Follow the directions on the package for
gluing your item and allowing it to dry completely.
Once your toys are securely attached you
can start spray painting them.
I chose a metallic finish spray paint for my dinosaur bookends.

Apply several light coats of spray paint,
allowing the paint to dry between coats,
until your toys are completely covered.
Once the final coat of spray paint is dry
your bookends are ready to be used.

The teenagers, in particular, thought that these ‘metal’ dinosaurs were really cool, even though it’s my younger son who has been playing with the dinosaurs most recently. A small warning: Do be careful to make sure your child is really, completely finished with a toy before you turn it into a bookend. My youngest son wasn’t thrilled at first with the dinosaur bookends.

Once I started making toy bookends, I just couldn’t stop! So here is a second bookend option.
Wooden toy vehicles
Four 4.5”x4.5” wooden blocks
Hammer and nails
Black and yellow paint

Nail two wooden blocks together to make each bookend.
Then paint them black and allow them to dry.
Use your yellow paint to add the road lines on your blocks.
My stripes are each ½” long.
Use the epoxy to attach your toy cars to the road on your bookends.
My youngest son in particular really liked these bookends.
I think mainly because I didn’t do anything to alter the toys themselves.
He liked the addition of the road for the cars to drive on.
Now when your son or daughter is finished with a sentimental favorite you can give it new life as a bookend for their bedroom. (And if you don’t have any extra toys you can always grab some inexpensively from your local toy store.) This is a simple way to add some fun to your bookcase! 

For more fun DIY projects, check out the rest of our Home Expert Series or visit our Pinterest page
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Scrumptious Loaded Potato Soup


Mary Beth, of Cupcakes and Crinoline, is back with another moutwatering recipe. This time, she's teaching us how to make a loaded potato soup that's perfect for the upcoming season. Get ready for pretty leaves and warm bellies.

With the promise of cooler days ahead my mind is already turning to recipes that warm you up from the inside out, like this delicious potato soup.  It’s one of the easiest potato soup recipes I have ever made and what makes it even better is that it’s made in a slow cooker.  You can start it in the morning and it will be ready for dinner.  All you need to do is add a nice crusty bread and some fresh fruit and you have an entire meal for any day of the week.



4 pounds of a thin-skinned potato (I used small golden potatoes) -
peeled and cut into ¼ inch slices
1 small onion, chopped
1 -32 ounce container of chicken broth
2 tsp. salt2 cups half-and-half
Fresh Ground Pepper (optional)
Shredded cheddar cheese (to garnish)
Crumbled bacon (to garnish)

Layer the potatoes on the bottom of the slow cooker.  Top with chopped onions.
Sprinkle with salt and fresh ground pepper if desired.
Pour broth over the potatoes and onions.
Cook on low for 8 hours.
Use a potato masher to gently mash the cooked potatoes.  
Don’t fully mash them- the purpose is only to make them a bit smaller.  
If you don’t have a potato masher you can use a fork to break up the potatoes.
Gently stir in half and half and heat on high for an additional 20 minutes.
Ladle into bowls, serve with fresh ground pepper, shredded cheese and crumbled bacon.


This soup would be perfect on game day or for a good old-fashioned family dinner.  

For dessert, try Mary Beth's apricot & blueberry cake or check out our Pinterest page for more recipes.

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Turn an Old Dresser into a Statement Piece


Hello again my Beauties! So happy to be back again with another DIY project for the Home Expert Series.
For this post I am going to show you how, by adding a punch of color and
some spray paint, you can create a stunning statement piece for your home.


You can see from the  picture below that I had this old, boring, and beat up small dresser. It had a very dull and tired appearance. I wanted to change it into a piece that would make a statement without going overboard (which is surprisingly easy to do). 


First of all I removed all the old outdated hardware. Now I could have easily gone and bought new, expensive hardware to place on the dresser, but I chose to do use the hardware I already had. I removed all my hardware and using a claw hammer lightly tapped the old bent and beat up back plates off of them.


Once the back plates were off I gave all the reusable parts a coating of some brass spray paint. I also sprayed some of the spray paint into the cap to get a little puddle and used a small paint brush to paint on the keyhole covers of the drawers.


I like my pieces to feel cohesive so I regularly use paint colors I have used on past projects. For this dresser, I mixed up a custom red that I had used on a Rescued Cabinet Makeover.


I painted the whole dresser and when it was dry I gave it a coat of wax and buffed it to give it a nice heirloom finish.


It was a simple makeover that made a big difference! Now go look around your home and see how one small punch of color could change the way the room feels. Until next time, have a beautiful day!


For more projects, check out the rest of our Home Expert Series, or visit our Pinterest page! 

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YOU VOTE! The Best "Home Expert Series" Post of the Summer


The ultimate DIY. We want you to tell us your favorite home project from our Home Expert Series. We've compiled a list of every project, with (very) brief summaries, and amazing images. So take a scroll down the page and leave your top pick in a comment at the bottom (**RULES EDITED AT BOTTOM**)- we're dying to know what you think! 


1: 205 Votes
2: 4 Votes
3: 2 Votes
4: 14 Votes
5: 5 Votes
6: 1 Vote
7: 0 Votes
8: 160 Votes
9: 1 Votes
10: 6 Votes
11: 74 Votes
12: 0 Votes
13: 15 Votes


Congratulations to Jessica Bures and her fantastic DIY vintage suitcase end table! Huge shoutout to all of our guest bloggers. Stay tuned for The Best "Home Expert Series" Post of the Fall. 

1. DIY Vintage Suitcase End Table by Jessica Bures


As the brains behind Live Randomly Simple, Jessica has a knack for creating gorgeous DIY pieces like the vintage suitcase end table you see above. 

To vote for Jessica, write "1" in the comment section below. 

2. Homemade Apricot & Bluberry Cake by Mary Beth


Not only is Mary Beth an expert when it comes to Cupcakes and Crinoline, but she can make a mean cake too. 

To vote for Mary Beth, write "2" in the comments below.

3. Thrift Store Landscape Painting Upcycle by Julie Grimmett


Julie, from Coco and Cocoa, showed us how to create a beautiful piece of artwork in just a few easy steps.

To vote for Julie, write "3" in the comments below.

4. Stuffed Chicken Breast with Alfredo Sauce & Roasted Red Potatoes by Alicia Pileggi


Bask in The Crafterglow. Alicia Pileggi showed us how to make a mouthwatering stuffed chicken breast that will please the crowds! 

To vote for Alicia, write "4" in the comments below.

5.  Make an Entrance! How to Create a Gorgeous Entryway by Gabrielle Anschau


Gabrielle has certainly earned the name "Trend Mogul." In this post she gave us some tips on how to really make an entrance. 

To vote for Gabrielle, write "5" in the comments below.


6.  DIY Laminate Dresser Refurbish by Cassie Bustamante


Cassie knows how to stay Primitive and Proper. She dissolved our laminate fears with this stunning dresser refurbish! 

To vote for Cassie, write "6" in the comments below.


7. Creating the Ultimate Guest Room by Bryn Huntpalmer
Bryn can give you some killer tips to help you Modernize your home. She taught us how to create the perfect atmosphere for your house guests. 
To vote for Bryn, write "7" in the comments below.

8. DIY Forsythia Wreath by Courtney Hamby
Courtney's home, known as The Hamby Home, is filled with gorgeous DIY projects. She showed us how to make this easy and beauitful forsythia wreath. 
To vote for Courtney, write "8" in the comments below.
Carmen, from Viva Fashion, gave us the inside scoop on decorating you home with a tight budget. Her tips are helpful, clever, and simple! 
To vote for Carmen, write "9" in the comments below.
As soon as Pamela, aka Brooklyn Farm Girl, showed us this post the Furniture.com office became drool city. These fluffy morsels take no time to make and look absolutely heavenly. 
To vote for Pamela, write "10" in the comments below.
Karin, from Art is Beauty, has been writing for Pursuit of Home for a few months now and her projects never fail to impress! 
To vote for Karin, write "11" in the comments below.
Mrs. Hines' Class has tons of fabulous interior design tips and tricks. Sharon taught us how to create the ultimate outdoor space to soak up the last few weeks of summer. 
To vote for Sharon, write "12" in the comments below.

13. DIY No-Sew Pillow Covers by Ada Gonzalez
Ada, from Ada's Interior Design, showed us how to make these super cute pillow covers without having to sew a stitch! 
To vote for Ada, write "13" in the comments below.

Please place your vote by commenting with numbers 1-13 below. The winner will be announced on September 23rd.
 Don't forget to check out more awesome DIY projects and home tips on our Pinterest page!
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Delicious Caramel-Dipped Apples


We're thrilled to announce that Tim & Mary Vidra from 17 Apart have partnered up with Furniture.com to share some of their mouthwatering recipes exclusively with Pursuit of Home. 


Unfortunately, holding onto summer is not an option — as the temperatures cool in the mornings and evenings, and as the sun begins to set a little earlier each night, autumn becomes a beckoning reality on the horizon. With fall comes new beginnings and apple season, which, in our house, welcomes a seasonal ritual of making caramel apples. This is such an easy, fun,  and slightly messy way to spend an afternoon with the kids.



8 apples, washed, dried and stems removed*
8 craft sticks or chopsticks
16 ounces caramel squares
3 tablespoons milk
Assorted coatings for apples
(I used 1 cup dried cherries, 1 cup pistachios,
1 cup dried banana chips and maldon salt),
roughly chopped in a food processor  
*Some store bought apples have a wax coating —
try not to purchase these as the caramel
will not stick to the wax.
If you cannot avoid this here is
a good tutorial on removing the wax.


(Having all of your ingredients prepped ahead
of time is super important because once the
caramel is warm you'll need to work quickly.)


Combine caramel and milk in a bowl.
Fill a medium saucepan a quarter of
they way full with water.
To make a double boiler, which will
help melt the caramel without
fear of sticking to the pan,
place a heat safe glass bowl on top of the pan.
The steam from the simmering water will
provide the needed heat to evenly
melt the caramel to a smooth consistency.

While you are waiting for the caramel to melt,
hold the apples firmly and push the craft sticks
about halfway through the top of the apples.

Once the caramel achieves a smooth,
creamy texture remove the pan
from the stove and get ready to dip the apples.
The steam from the double boiler will
continue to heat the caramel for
a few minutes once you start dipping.

Holding the apples by the stick,
tilt down into the melted caramel, rolling until coated.
Allow any excessive amount of caramel to
run off before adding toppings.
Immediately roll or sprinkle the apples
with the various toppings and place
on a parchment-lined cookie sheet to set and dry.
Create different flavor pairings with various toppings
like a banana chips, a mix of pistachios and dried cherries.
Or, my personal favorite, a dusting of maldon salt.
Enjoy immediately or wrap in parchment paper
to store in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Don't these look amazing? Once you wipe the drool off your keyboard, try making this
delicious apricot & blueberry cake or head over to our Pinterest page for more DIY projects & recipes!
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DIY No-Sew Pillow Covers


We're happy to announce that Ada Gonzalez from Ada's Interior Design has partnered up with Furniture.com to share some DIY projects exclusively with Pursuit of Home. Get ready to craft!


I love shopping for decorative pillows for my clients, but since I specialize in affordable decorating solutions I aim to shave costs whenever I can without affecting the quality of the design and comfort of my clients. A new decorative pillow can cost from approximately $15 to $275. So, a great solution is to keep your old pillow insert and replace your pillow cover.

Great, right? However, you still have to either spend good money on a pillow cover or sew your own pillow cover. Who has time to sew? I barely had time to chew my breakfast this morning. Also, sewing is not the easiest task for those of us who are enemies with their sewing machine. My machine spends most of it’s time giving me the evil eye (of the needle). 


So, until my sewing machine and I become BFFs, my economical solution is to make pillow covers without sewing, in just one minute! Yep, it takes just ONE MINUTE to make these pillow covers using simple folding techniques.

Instead of having to buy tons of different pillows for every season, or holiday, or every time your pillow starts to fade, simply invest in buying fabric (you just need 1 yard!) to cover 14” to 16” pillows.

The pretty pink chevron pillow cover I created for this post cost me just $4.00. I know, amazing, right?!

Just 1 yard (36” of fabric) 
Old 14” or 16” pillow 


Fold the yard of fabric into a square (36”x36”)


Place pillow in the center and diagonal to the corner of the fabric


Fold right flap onto the pillow


Fold left flap onto the pillow


Tuck in the edges (as if you were gift wrapping a present)


Fold over the remaining flaps


Tie the two visible flaps into a soft knot


Now, admire your work.


Bonus! You now have 2 designs. One side has a bow design, and the other is a beautiful flat design.



For more interior decorating tips (with an economical flair of course!), head over to Ada's website. Or check out the rest of the Home Expert Series on Furniture.com's Pinterest page! 

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5 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Oasis


We're so excited to announce that Sharon Hines from Mrs. Hines' Class has partnered up with Furniture.com to share some home decorating tips exclusively with Pursuit of Home. Enjoy!

With this sweltering heat minimizing the time I spend outdoors, I actually found myself looking forward to cooler fall weather so that I can tend to my neglected garden and spend evenings dining al fresco. I love entertaining outdoors; people scattered across the yard under the warm glow of party lights strung under the patio, helping themselves to beverages, roasting s’mores, and laughing. The atmosphere is so important when having and outdoor party, I thought I'd offer some tips to help you create your own outdoor oasis!


With just a little imagination, creativity, and these 5 easy tips, anyone can turn a bare backyard into an outdoor oasis.

Space Planning

First, decide how you want to use the space. Do you plan on dining outside, growing an herb or vegetable garden, soaking in a hot tub, or napping under the trees?

Then, collect images of spaces you love to help you determine how you want your space to look. Consider the color palette, furniture construction (such as rattan, metal or wood), and hardscape materials (such as crushed granite, flagstone, or concrete). 


Tip #1: Create "getaways" by tucking seating into the nooks and crannies of your space.


Either sketch your ideas on graph paper (so that your drawing is to scale), or schedule a consultation with a landscaper. There is usually no obligation with a consultation, and you’ll benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a professional.


Tip #2: The stepping stone at the end of a path should be larger than the rest, signifying a landing spot.

Now, it’s time to get to work! You can DIY or hire a professional. If you hire a professional, you can implement the design plans in stages, as you can afford it. If you are choosing the DIY route, there are plenty of online tutorials on everything from fire pits to pallet furniture to decking.


Tip #3: Save money on outdoor furniture and accessories by repurposing items you may already have and shopping second hand.


Light up the night. You’ll want to add plenty of lighting so that you can enjoy your space at night. There’s something so magical about string lights cascading across the sky or twinkling from the trees.


Tip #4: If you lack the space to hang lights, you can achieve the same feel using stake lights, candles, lanterns or tiki torches.


Personalize it! Add small details to make your oasis reflect your personality. 


Tip #5: Use old board games as table tops. Hang your family monogram. Add birdbaths and birdhouses.

Creating the backyard of your dreams is easy! All you need is some time and a vision. 

Now that you've learned some tips for decorating your home's exterior, here are some tips for decorating your interior. For even more DIY ideas, check out our DIY Pinterest board

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Refurbishing an Old, Worn Out Desk


Hello again my Beauties! In this post I am going to show you how to bring an old worn out piece of furniture back to life with just a few simple steps. 


Here is a desk here that my sister had (generously) given to me for free but, to be honest, it had seen better days. It was outdated and worn out. Structurally it was in great condition, it just needed a little beautification! It just so happens that beautification is my specialty. 


First things first, it needed to be cleaned. I used some hot water and light soap to scrub the whole thing down. Since I knew I was going to be using a gel stain on the top, I also lightly sanded the top with some 120 grit sandpaper. I want to scuff up the finish, but not bring it all the way down to the raw pine. Once I sanded it I lightly cleaned it again and let it dry.


One of my favorite stains to use to on wood is General Finishes Gel Stains. They are easy to use and don’t require the full stripping of the wood. I used a foam brush to liberally apply the stain and then using straight swipes with the grain then wiped off the excess with a lint free cloth. Be sure to go in one direction like you would when putting on wood stain. (the General Finishes website has a ton of helpful advice and more in-depth explanation of the process for those who are nervous.) Now depending on how dark you want it you can leave it with one coat or let it fully cure and do another.I really wanted to darken it up so I did two coats. 


While that was drying I removed the old blocky style hardware. I wanted to give it a much more updated and sleek style so I decided to use knobs instead of pulls. I removed the old hardware and filled in the old holes with wood filler. Once the wood filler was dry I sanded it down smooth, drilled new holes for the knobs, and the drawers and the base were ready for paint. I decided to go with classic blue for the base.


I chose General Finishes Persian Blue Milk Paint. I like that this paint goes on a little more smoother than the mineral paints I normally use. I wanted to go for a sleeker finish and this type of paint gave me that feel. I brushed on my first coat and when it was dry applied the second.


Now normally I like to shabby it up, but I liked how it looked in its pristine condition. I chose some sleek new hardware from my local craft store and attached them to the drawers. All it took was a little time and  patience to completely update this desk. I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover. Until next time, go make someone’s day beautiful! 



We love this desk revival; it's so elegant and country-chic! For more DIY projects, check out our other DIY blog posts, or head over to our Pinterest page! 

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Top 10 Favorite Interior Design Regrams


We love finding inspiration pictures on instagram and "regramming" them so our followers can enjoy them too. We compiled a list of our 10 favorite "regrams" for easy viewing all in one place! 


1. Dining Room via @harrisonandco



We love this photo, not only because of the layout, but because of the monochromatic color scheme as well. Adding small pops of green and blue to a mostly grey and white room is a brilliant choice. Obsessed. 

2. Patterened Floor via @elizaashe


These patterns immediately caught our eye when scanning Instagram and we had to regram and share with our followers. We like this post because it shows how easy it can be to combine patterns. This technique is great for pillows, upholstery, bedding, you name it! 

3. Wallpapered Bookshelf via @andreafoltraninteriores


We're in love. Wallpapering the back wall of bookshelves is such a different way to add patterns to a room. It's almost like wallpapering the wall, but less of a commitment. 

4. Photo Wallpaper via @oriente_designs


How cool is this?! Using a photo to wallpaper a wall is such an original, amazing idea. Of course, you'd have to choose a photo you really like, but the end result looks awesome. Or, as one of the commenters noted, "that's dope yo." 

5. Green Wall via @manu_albuquerque


This flat green wall color is phenomenal. Flat design is super trendy right now, so this photo tugged at our design-loving heartstrings. Everything in this photo is super well organized (even the bottles on the table!) and we love that.

6. All Pink Everything via @yonasoycandles


Because pink. That's why.

7. DIY Mural via @diyconfessions


This mural is beyond stunning. We love the bold simplicity and the color choice. Any kid would be lucky to have a nursery as funky as this one!

8. Symmetrical Seating via @local_milk


There's something strangely beautiful (in a Wes Anderson kind of way) about the angle and symmetry of this photo. It almost looks like it was taken inside of a dollhouse - so cool!

9. Bold Colors via @thechroniclesofhome

LOVE these colors! Via @thechroniclesofhome. 💙💚💜 #interiordesign #interiordecorating #furniture #furnituredotcom

A photo posted by Furniture.com (@furnituredotcom) on


Everything about this photo is fabulous. We love the arrangement, the colors, the patterns, the shapes...everything. 

10. Lime Green Accents via @unpackdesign


The lime green accents bring this whole picture together. We really like this green paired with the muted coral/beige wall. 

Aren't these pictures gorgeous? For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest

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Easy, Buttery Homemade Soft Pretzels




We're happy to announce that Pamela Reed from Brooklyn Farm Girl has partnered up with Furniture.com to share some scrumptious recipes exclusively with Pursuit of Home. Dig in! 

As a kid one of my favorite treats were soft pretzels.  But we didn't make them from scratch in my house; Mom always had a box of frozen pretzels in the freezer.  These were easy to make: take them out and throw them in microwave for one minute and then sprinkle them with the tiny salt packet it came with.  Boom- soft pretzel.

Many years later, I still have cravings for  soft pretzels.  Because I live in New York,  I  often walk by a soft pretzel vendor and am immediately hit with a pretzel craving that lasts the rest of the day.  At a baseball game? Why yes, nice gentleman carrying a tray of soft pretzels on his head, throw me one for a reasonable $8.00. (It's the price you pay for love.)

Even when I'm at a home in my kitchen, I can satisfy my cravings and make my own soft pretzels.  It's so easy! You're almost guaranteed to already have the ingredients you'll need and they're ready in less than 45 minutes.   Although I loved those frozen soft pretzels as a girl, nothing beats a homemade buttery soft pretzel that is warm and fluffy.  Goodness, I'm getting all dreamy just thinking about it.


When I’m craving a soft pretzel I don’t want to wait hours to let the dough rise, I kind of want them right now. Right in my belly. In this recipe we’re only going to let the dough 30 minutes and then let them bake for 10 minutes.  So simple.

So dive in, get your hands covered in flour and get ready to enjoy!


1 ½ cups warm water
2 and ¼ teaspoons instant yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar 
3 ½ cups flour
1 egg
Salt for sprinkling on top of these yummy pretzels
(coarse, pretzel salt or even regular salt if that’s all you have)


Preheat oven to 425 degrees (F).  
Line baking sheet with silicone
baking mat or grease the baking sheet.
Dissolve yeast in warm water in large bowl.  
Stir with a spoon to mix it around.
Add salt and sugar and continue to mix.
Add flour and mix good until dough is thick.  
If you feel like the dough is still too wet,
add ¼ cup of flour additional until you get it thick.  
While in bowl knead the dough for 2 minutes.
 Knead it good.  
Form dough into ball and let sit for 30 minutes, covered.
Rip apart 8 sections of dough, approximately same size.  
Each section equals the size of your pretzel.
Flour counter surface and roll each individual section
out to a rope that is about 20-25 inches long.
Once ropes are made then wrap them up to make a pretzel shape.
(Lay the rope flat, curve the two ends up,
twist them together and seal to the bottom curve.)
In a small bowl beat the egg and then lightly
brush all surfaces of each pretzel with it.  
Make sure to put some between the twist 
and the curve, to seal the pretzel shape.
Place on baking mat and sprinkle with salt.
Bake for 10 minutes and then turn your broiler on
and bake for 3-5 more minutes.
 Keep a eye on the pretzels so they don’t burn.  
As soon as they reach desired brown/crispness on top,
remove from the oven.
Eat up!

Makes about 8 soft pretzels.


These look delicious! These would be great with stuffed chicken breast and roasted red potatoes! For even more recipes and home decor tips, check out the rest of our Home Expert Series on Pinterest
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5 Tips for Decorating Like a Pro (on a Budget)


We're so excited to announce that Carmen Ordonez from Viva Fashion has partnered up with Furniture.com to share amazing interior design tips exclusively with Pursuit of Home. Enjoy!


There’s something about flipping through interior design magazines that gets me all giddy.  I immediately start thinking “ooh, wouldn’t this look nice in my living room!”  or “I need to add more color.” But let’s be honest, many times decorating can be challenging and having a restricted budget doesn’t help. Well not to fret, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tips to help you decorate like a pro, without breaking the bank.

So without further adieu, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tip #1: Add plants

[Photo source: grantkgibson.com]

If there’s one thing interior designers love, it a good plant. Adding plants is an easy way to add visual interest and freshness to your space. You can add them in a corner of your living room, in the kitchen, bathroom or on a coffee or dining table. Plus, you can find many designer favorites like a fiddle leaf fig tree or succulents for under $40 bucks.

Not only do they look stylish, but plants also help purify the air and remove toxins, which is great for your health too. However, If you’re like me and can’t keep any plant alive, try to look for plants that require very little maintenance (or water for that matter). I personally love bamboo palms and snake plants. They look beautiful, don’t require much work, and are non-toxic to pets and children (which is also something important to consider when picking plants).

Tip #2:  Add some artwork

[Photo source:  OhJoy.com]

Artwork can immediately make any home look more sophisticated and it’s a great way to show-off your personality. Online flash sales sites like Gilt sell fabulous artwork that won’t break the bank and stores like HomeGoods have great options as well. 

If you’re looking to make a statement with your walls, you can also try a gallery wall. They don’t have to be expensive, you can go to IKEA or Target and find affordable frames for under $50 dollars. Simply fill them up with family photos, old letters, or your child’s artwork. I actually framed a drawing my 2 year-old made me for Mother’s Day and it sits in my home office. You can also get creative and frame green leaves or other items from nature.

Tip #3: Accessorize

[Photo source: mydomaine.com]

If you’re on a budget, but still want to find some easy ways to revamp your home, look for small, affordable accessories like decorative pillows or a throw for a couch. It’s crazy how these accessories can instantly change the look of a room.

Tip #4: Add Color

[Image via stylebyemilyhenderson.com]

When it comes to decorating we're often afraid of color, but that’s simply because we don’t know where to start. A rule many interior designers use is to start with a neutral color (warm and cool tones) and then layer on your accent colors. The accent colors should be limited to two colors. Again, you don’t need to splurge on these accent colors, simply look for accessories like we discussed in the prior tip.

Tip #5: Less is More

[Photo source: domino.com]

Don’t feel like you have to over design! As with many things, when it comes to design, less is more. You want your home to feel curated and not like you  picked a bunch of random things and threw them all in one room. When in doubt, remove a few items.  As an added bonus, you can donate to charity or even have a garage sale while you're decluttering your space!

We hope Carmen's tips can help you design your home on a budget. To design the perfect guest room, check out this post by Bryn Huntpalmer! For even more design tips, check out our Pinterest page! 

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DIY Forsythia Wreath



We're happy to announce that Courtney Hamby from The Hamby Home has partnered up with Furniture.com to share some amazing DIY projects exclusively with Pursuit of Home. Enjoy!


Wreaths are a great way to add character to a home. I love switching mine up and moving them around my house. I have wanted a forsythia wreath for a while but never found one that fit into my budget so I decided to make one instead. You can do this with any long greenery stems as well.



Grapevine Wreath
Wire Cutters
 Floral Wire
 5 Forsythia Floral Stems


Step 1:
Trim all the stems about 2 inches below the lowest flower.


Step 2:
Lay the forsythia on top of the grapevine wreath,
you can wedge the end of the stem into the
wreath form or lay it right on top.
Cut a 4 inch strip of floral wire and hook it through
the wreath and around the stem, then twist to secure it tightly.
Clip the excess wire and tuck the ends into the wreath.
Each stem will need to be secured with floral wire
in 2 to 3 places to mimic the wreath shape.

Step 3:
Repeat step 2 for two more forsythias.
You should have full coverage with three
flowers with a few thin spots.
Step 4:
For the last two forsythias, cut them
in half to give you two short pieces to
fill in the bare spots.  
Wedge and secure with floral wire in
the areas where you need more blooms.
Step 5:
I had a couple areas that were very full
so I trimmed on little branch here and
there and dispersed the trimmings to any bare areas.
There is no exact place, just try to evenly
arrange the pieces around the wreath.

That’s all there is to it! There is no right or wrong way to arrange the stems which makes this a very simple DIY wreath! This one worked perfectly in our guest room to compliment accents of yellow, I just looped some green ribbon through the back of the grapevine wreath and tied it to a piece of old porch railing.


We hope this wreath helps beautify your home! If you've caught the DIY bug, try refurbishing a laminate dresser! And for even more DIY projects, visit our Pinterest page.

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DIY Harlequin Dresser Makeover


Hello again, my Beauties! It's time for another makeover! This time I am going to show you how to take a plain, old, boring nightstand and give it a makeover using some sample paint and a craft store stencil.


I started with an old nightstand that had been given to me by my sister-in-law. She had no use of it and told me if I wanted it I could have it. Of course I wanted it; I never turn down free furniture.


Lucky for me, it was in great shape and the top was in practically perfect condition. It was just a bit boring. This is where the fun begins!  I like to try all different paint colors and rather than buying a full-sized can, I buy the little sample pots so I can get a feel for the color before fully committing. The sample size was more than enough paint for this project.

I painted the base and drawer fronts with American Paint company’s Backyard Pond. It's a nice cool color. This paint is a mineral/chalk/clay based paint so it is water based.That means it has to be sealed with either wax or poly.

Photo-2-KC-6  Photo-3-KC-6

I gave my table two thin coats of paint since I wanted a more distressed look. Before waxing the piece, I took a little sponge and wiped the edges where I wanted the old wood to show through. Then I waxed and buffed the piece to cure the paint and seal it.


This piece would look great if you were to stop at this stage, but I like to add a little extra fun to my pieces. For that, I chose to add a fun and funky little harlequin pattern.You can find lots of choices of stencils at your local craft store. Now since its hard to paint a piece and explain I will demonstrate the stenciling technique on this board. 

My board has been painted, waxed and buffed just like the dresser. For the stenciling I simple use a flat stencil brush, some acrylic craft paint, and my stencil.The key to stenciling is to not overload your brush.You actually need very little paint. If you overload your brush the paint will bleed through the stencil. I keep a rag next to me when stenciling so I can blot the paint off the brush before stenciling. You can see on my brush how little paint is actually on it. 

Photo-5-KC-6   Photo-6-KC-6

Photo-7-KC-6   Photo-8-KC-6

The best part of the dry brush stenciling is that it’s very easy to go over it with a second coat if you wish to darken up the paint. It also dries very quickly because of the small amount of paint. When the stenciled area is dry you can wax over that and buff that up to, to give it an even distressed look. Once the stenciling is done, your piece is ready to be displayed!


It is now the perfect piece to accent a living room or a place to keep things next to your bed. So next time you see that boring, old, boxy piece of furniture, imagine it in a fun new color with a funky little pop of pattern!



For more amazing DIY projects, head to our Pinterest page, or check out an earlier post about upcycling a thrift store landscape painting! 

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Creating the Ultimate Guest Room


We're happy to announce that Bryn Huntpalmer from Modernize.com has partnered up with Furniture.com to share amazing interior design tips exclusively with Pursuit of Home.

For many homeowners, the guest bedroom is the last room to be furnished and decorated. As a result, any house guests you have to stay may be in for a less-than-stellar sleeping experience. Use these tips to convert your forgotten guest room into an oasis for friends and family.

Choose comfort. 
The best guest rooms have comfortable, large beds. Choose a neutral frame to suit every guest’s taste, but don’t be afraid to show your own style as well. Solid wood frames are durable and tasteful, so consider oak or pine frames when choosing your guest bed.

Spring for queen or king size beds if you can, because no one likes squeezing into a small bed after a long day of catching up and socializing. As far as mattresses are concerned, try to pick one with a medium firmness. A mattress that is either too soft or too firm will likely not suit one or all of your guests, so split the difference to be safe.

If you have money to spare, buy a memory foam mattress so everyone will have the ideal night’s sleep.

Lastly, if space allows, add a large armchair or chaise lounge for additional seating. Just because your guests are staying with you doesn’t mean they won’t need a little break once in awhile!

(Photo credit: Modernize)

Supply storage space. In order for your house guests to feel at home, it’s super important to have space for them to store their belongings while staying at your home. A large dresser is a must. If you're feeling extra fancy, a dressing table with mirror and chair would do double duty as a storage and vanity.

If your guest room doesn’t have a built in closet, a wardrobe would be an excellent addition for your guests’ more formal attire and larger items of clothing.

Don’t forget bedside tables with at least enough space for a lamp and a good book!

(Photo credit: Modernize)

Add accentsEven though you want your guest bedroom to be tasteful, you don’t have to hide all of your personal touches. A statement piece on a mantel and one or two framed photos of the local area, or somewhere important to you, can go a long way in personalizing the bedroom space without making it too cluttered and overwhelming.

Add a few vibrant cushions or throws to the bed to brighten up the space.

Surprise your guests and make the room even more inviting with a bunch of fresh cut flowers in a vase or water jug  to add a fresh element to the space. (Here are some accent wall ideas to help inspire you!)

Photo-3-BH-1(Photo credit: Modernize)

Provide amenities. Most homeowners know how to spoil their house guests, so furnishing and decorating your guest room should be relatively easy.

Make your guests’ space stand out from the rest by adding a few things they won’t have seen in other houses. A special amenity pack is a cute and original touch.

Use travel sized shampoos, conditioners, and soaps (in case your guests have forgotten their own), a selection of chocolates or other sweets, and a few good books or movies will have your guests coming back time and time again. 

Photo-4-BH-1(Photo credit: Modernize)

Now that you’ve created the perfect guest room, it’s time to get entertaining. Just don’t forget to tidy the house before your guests arrive!

The guest room is all set, now learn how to spruce up your entryway so your home gives guest a fabulous first impression. For more decorating tips, check out our Pinterest page

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DIY Laminate Dresser Refurbish


We're happy to announce that Cassie Bustamante from Primitive and Proper has partnered up with Furniture.com to share some amazing refurbishing projects exclusively with Pursuit of Home. Enjoy!


Something I have heard many times in my refurbishing journeys is, “Oh I had to pass because it was laminate.” The truth is that laminate is just a thick shiny coating, like a heavy coat of polyurethane on a solid wood piece of furniture.Like polyurethane, laminate can be painted.

Believe it or not, this dresser started out life with an ugly plastic looking speckled laminate top.


Wouldn’t it have been a shame to pass this piece up simply because of it’s hideous speckled laminate top?  It had so much potential! 


Here is a close up of the top so you can see its speckled glory….


I am not really sure why the speckled look was ever a thing back in the day, but thank goodness we have products (and skills) these days to cover it up.

To prepare this dresser for painting the process was simple and similar to prepping any other piece.

First, of course, I put on a mask to prevent dust inhalation.  Then using an orbital sander with 180 grit sandpaper, I sanded the entire laminate area so that it lost its shine.  If I tried to sand the entire laminate off, I would be sanding all day, and I would uncover most likely composite wood underneath which is not as durable.  To give you an idea of how much to I sanded the laminate, here is a look at it post sanding; it’s pretty similar to the above photo, just duller.


Once the laminate area was sanded, I continued with the rest of the dresser body.  I removed all of the existing hardware and put it aside, and used the orbital sander to lightly sand the body.  Because the drawers and legs had details that were inaccessible to the sander, I used a loose piece of sandpaper in the same grit and sanded those hard to reach areas by hand.

After the entire piece was sanded I used a damp rag to wipe away dust, allowed it to try, and was ready to prime. Because I prefer to keep things as clean as possible, I used a water based and low VOC primer.  I applied one coat with a brush, and allowed it to dry.  I then tested the laminate top by attempting to scratch the primer off, and found that it adhered beautifully.  (I do this on all pieces where there is a possibility of paint or primer not sticking; I call it “the scratch test”.)

With the primer sticking perfectly, this piece was ready for paint!  I created a custom mix with some General Finishes blues I had on hand and applied the first coat with a brush.


After one coat it was clear another was needed, so I continued with a second coat.  Once the second coat was dry, I used my sandpaper to lightly distress the edges.  This dresser had so many great details and curves that I wanted them to pop.  Distressing the edges lightly allows for those features to really stand out. 

To protect the finish I had worked so hard to achieve, and ensure durability, I applied a coat of satin finishing wax.
Finally, the crowning touch was putting the hardware back in place.  While the dresser’s paint was drying, I had sprayed the existing hardware with a gold spray paint to freshen it up.  I knew it would shine beautifully against the darker blue.

Photo-6-CB-1 Photo-7-CB-1

You would never know that hideous speckled laminate top is lurking underneath the new finish. 


This piece now has an entirely new look and has been taken from 70’s faux-finish French to vintage hip.



We hope Cassie's DIY project helped ease your laminate fears! Looking for another project? Try this dining chair makeover. For even more DIY crafts, check out our Pinterest page. 

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