Prep Your Home for Summer

With summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how to prepare and maintain your home for the summer. Summer brings on a whole new set of elements, such as heavy rains, drought, and hot and humid temperatures. It's important to keep your home cool throughout the summer, not only to avoid overheating but also to keep your energy bills down. We have some easy tips to make sure your home (and you!) are ready for the summer heat. 

Turn Back Your...Fan

If you have a ceiling fan, then here is a quick and easy tip. Change your fan to rotate counter-clockwise. This allows more cool air to flow throughout your home. The way the blades turn and force the air, creates a wind-chill effect within your home. You'll save on energy costs related to using your AC or keeping your fan on for longer time spans.

Plant Some Trees

Plant some trees around or over your home. Think about it: outside trees keep you cool by providing shade. The same applies to your home. Trees block the sun's strong rays from directly hitting your home, saving you costs on cooling. Another tip is to have a tree planted over your AC unit, which allows it to run more efficiently. 

Swap Your Bulbs

If you have incandescent bulbs inside your house, summer is the time to swap them out for some LED lights. Incandescent bulbs tend to burn significantly hotter, making your space even warmer than it already is. 

Turn Off the AC

On more moderately warm days, turn off your AC and let the outside cool air in. Our homes tend to absorb heat from the sun, even when it's cooler outside. On days when it's not super hot, let the cool air in and save on energy costs. And before the summer starts, clean out your AC unit so that it can run more efficiently for the days you do end up using it. 

Keep Warm Air Out

Alternatively, for days when it's really hot out, you want to block outside air from coming in. Just before summer begins, take inventory of any cracks in baseboard molding, windows, or walls that could be letting cold or hot air in. And if there is, use caulk to keep it out. This will let your AC run more efficiently and keep your home cooler throughout the summer months. 

Don't Forget Your Attic

Hot air rises. And if you have an attic, you probably know this. Your attic will absorb heat from the sun and hold hot air without any ventilation. Install a fan or vent so that your attic can have a proper air flow like the rest of your house.