Calm the Chaos of your Laundry Room with These Helpful Hacks

Although we may wish that we spent less time in the laundry, the truth is, unless we're prepared to do a 'major cull' of our clothes, or go on a shopping-strike, doing the laundry will continue to be a part of daily life. However, Gabrielle Anschau, from Trend Mogul, is going to show us how to make the laundry room struggle a little easier, and even, dare we say it, enjoyable!

Don't waste an inch of space

Many people are guilty of wasting the precious space that exists above their washers/dryers. Ward away clutter and unsightly cleaning products with cabinets, shelves and hanging rods.

barlowreid.jpg(Photo via

Maximize indoor drying space

Anyone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere will agree that you can never have enough indoor drying space.

If you are stuck for wall/floor space, suspend a makeshift drying rack from the ceiling using a steel mattress base or a ladder. Spray paint your new drying rack to match your decor.

Side note: Ensure that whatever you decide to hang is not too heavy and that your ceiling is strong enough to safely hold it. It is probably worth consulting with a handyman to ensure the project is viable and done safely.

adiamondinthestuff.jpg(Photo via

dukesanddutchesses.jpg(Photo via

Alternatively, hanging traditional fold out drying racks from the wall is always a good idea - and why just hang one when you can hang four?! via

Attach wheels to the bottom of hampers

Give your lower back a break by investing in laundry hampers with wheels. You can also easily attach wheels (available from craft and hardware stores) to your existing hampers, given they have a solid base.

remodelista.jpg(Photo via

Baskets, baskets and more baskets!

You can never have too many baskets/hampers in your laundry room. Label baskets for added ease in sorting. Categorize baskets as darks/lights/delicates, or by child.

Investing in a unit such as the one below does not just save you floor space and keep dirty laundry out of sight, the surface can also double as a folding/sorting station.

emilyaclark.jpg(Photo via

Build the ultimate ironing/folding station

Take a kitchen island bench, add an ironing board, and you have yourself a stylish and practical addition to your laundry! It can also conveniently double as a folding/sorting station. Add wheels for added maneuverability - particularly if you like watching television whilst you iron! via

Clean, single and looking for a mate...

This idea is too cute to resist! You can purchase pre-made frames with pegs on or make your own - All you need is a frame, some pegs and superglue.

etsy.jpg(Photo via


Wall hooks are essential in every laundry room (and especially for those that double as a back-entry way!) Hang everything from bags and coats, to the ironing board. Hooks are the perfect way to lift clutter off of the floor.

homebunch.jpg(Photo via

kitchenstyleideas.jpg(Photo via


5 Home Accents You Should Have on Hand

It’s always fun to freshen your home decor with each new season. However, instead of running out to the store and spending money on new home accents, Sharon Hines, from Mrs. Hines' Class, is showing us how to stock up on a few essential pieces that will serve your home throughout the year.

Here are my top 5 picks for home accents you should always have on hand.:

1. Easels


Easels are great for propping up artwork.


They aren’t limited to just traditional artwork. I’ve used an easel to hold a frame that the easel back had broken off of. And I love to use easels to create artwork out of plates.


Speaking of plates, they are next on my must-have list of home accents.

2. Plates


Plates are very versatile pieces which can be used as trays,


colorful backdrops in bookcases,


and candle chargers.


This brings me to the next home decor item on my list.


3. Candles


What prop closet would be complete without a collection of candles? I recommend tealights and votives for entertaining, taper candles for dining and decor and pillar candles for seasonal changes.


4. Vase Filler


To me, candles and vase filler goes hand in hand. Whether you tuck a tealight atop the vase filler or surround a pillar with a seasonal favorite, vase fillers are such an easy way to change your decor with the seasons.



5. Throw Pillow Covers


Throw pillows are such an easy way to add seasonal color to your home. Buy quality down or down alternative pillow forms or pillows with removable covers. If you don’t sew, you can find pillow covers on Etsy at a reasonable price.

Keeping basic home accents like these on hand saves on time and money. Create a prop “closet” by storing your decor in an unused closet, an armoire or the garage for easy convenience. If you’d like to see the other items in my prop closet and how I organize them, visit my blog at

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover

Looking to give your kitchen a little makeover without spending a fortune? Carmen Ordonez, from Viva Fashion, took on the task and gave her kitchen a face lift on a budget.


The first thing I decided to do was change the color of my cabinets. It’s amazing what some simple white paint can do. It pretty much looks night and day.

Before, my kitchen looked very dark and gloomy. Now, the white cabinets make the kitchen look bright, airy and so much bigger. There are several DIY resurfacing kits, in case you want to try it yourself.


I also switched out the old kitchen hardware. If you are ever looking to do a small kitchen update, this is definitely a good place to start. I found these kitchen hardware in Satin Nickel and got them in two sizes (5 inches for the cabinets and 3 inches for the drawers). All together, this was under $50 bucks.


The second most drastic change, aside from the white cabinets, was the floor. My house has dark hardwood floors, so I knew I wanted to go with something lighter for the kitchen.

I ended up going with this one in a Brazilian Pecan color. It’s wood tile, but it looks just like wood. I also prefer it better than real wood, because it doesn’t get dinged up. Also, being that it’s in the kitchen you don’t have to worry about spills.



So there you have it, an easy kitchen makeover that won’t break the bank. What do you think? Have you ever considered painting your kitchen cabinets?


Free Guest Room WiFi Printable

Courtney Hamby, of The Hamby Home, was generous enough to share a printable with us. This WiFi printable is a great addition to your guest room and will instantly make your guest feel welcomed. Click the links below to download the printable as either a 4x6 or 5x7 image.

I’m always trying to come up with small ways to make our guest room more functional and more welcoming. One simple way you can make your guests feel at home is to provide them with all the things that they may need and usually have to ask for (towels, toiletries, extra blankets, pillows, etc.). I bought a tray for the guest bathroom and styled it with toiletries and I have been trying to come up with things to add in the bedroom.

One thing we noticed was that all of our guests asked for our Wifi password and it’s a long random code that isn’t memorable which made it difficult for us and our guests. I decided to design this free printable for you and for me! Just print it out and write in your wifi password and put in a cute frame. It blends in with your room decor but is one less thing your guests have to worry about during their stay!


Download the 4x6 print here>>

Download the 5x7 print here>>

I’d love to hear what you do to make your guests feel more at home in the comments below!

Add a Fashionable Flair to Your Home with Vintage Posters


Most of us probably haven't considered decorating with posters since we fitted out our dorm rooms. However, vintage posters inject an element of culture and history into your home that regular framed art often can't. An endless variety of vintage poster (replicas) exist online starting from just a few dollars and Gabrielle Anschau, from Trend Mogul, is going to show us how to decorate with them!

Let the posters you choose for your home reflect your hobbies and interests. Vintage posters come in just about every variety you can think of - advertisements, travel, film, sport, fashion & beauty, etc.

Bigger Is Better

Particularly for posters with text on them, bigger is always better. Posters should be used to make a statement, not blend into the background.

Side note: ALWAYS frame your posters - remember, you're not decorating your dorm room!


No Need To Hang Your Posters

Let the colors, text and intricacies in the poster do all the talking. Create a statement by leaning an oversized vintage poster against a wall. Use a simple black or white frame and avoid cluttering the area around the poster. The striking contrast of the pink in the Audrey Hepburn 'Funny Face' poster and the pale blue wall it leans against creates a dramatic, gallery-like effect in this living room.


Alternatively, place framed posters on a picture rail. The variety of colors and styles in the posters seen below add an eclectic flair to this bedroom. The simplicity of the frames also avoids overwhelming the space.


Vintage Travel Posters

Frame vintage travel posters to reflect your worldly travels (or your travel bucket list!) Create a gallery wall affect by hanging frames of various sizes. Note how the overall theme remains consistent throughout the posters.


Get Creative!

Give an old desk or table a vintage makeover! Vintage-style postcards and calendars are the perfect size for collaging and can be found easily and cheaply online. Framing studios will cut glass to size to fit over the top of your eclectic collage. Discuss your intentions with a framing professional and they will advise on appropriate kind of glass for your project.


Bathroom & Laundry

Traditional framed art can often look out of place in the bathroom and  laundry. Framed posters offer a more relaxed alternative. This oversized vintage poster by Bernard Villemont adds vibrancy and creates a comical focal point in this otherwise modest bathroom. Continue the yellow theme in the form of hand towels, candles, flowers etc.



It's as if French marketing companies in the 1950's knew their advertisements would one day be hung in our kitchens! Use vintage food and restaurant advertisements to add a fashionable focal point in your kitchen. The RITA Waffles poster below adds a splash of color and an element of softness in this monochromatic kitchen.



For more design tips, check out the "design tips" section of our blog or visit our Pinterest page!

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How to Organize a "Maximalist" Kid's Room


Cassie Bustmante, from Primitive and Proper, shows us how to organize a kid's room. Her daughter, Emmy, is a fan of her stuff and doesn't want to part ways with it. Cassie takes us on a tour of Emmy's room and demonstrates how to keep a maximalist kid's room neat and tidy.

As the new year rolls in we all get that itch to purge, clean, organize. This year I’ve been ruthlessly purging… why bother purchasing pretty storage containers just to hoard all the “stuff” I have? Unfortunately my 9-year-old daughter, Emmy, doesn’t share that view. No way, jose! She likes her stuff, so we needed to find some way to corral and organize the chaos that was taking over her bedroom.


To organize her room, we created several “zones” including areas for art supplies, toys, books, clothing, and jewelry. Her bedroom is not a large space, so we utilized every square inch to work for her and her interests. She helped me organize and decorate, which I highly recommend. The more your child is involved, the more likely they will work to keep it organized. I also allow her to display her own artwork in her room, which gives her a sense of ownership and pride.


Let’s talk about the closet, first, which is where we gathered all of her art supplies. My maximalist is also quite the artist, delving into watercolors, acrylics, sculpting, sketching and doodling, sewing and embroidery, as well as bead and jewelry making… basically if it’s creative she wants to try it - and I encourage it! Art supplies are small and numerous so storage containers that are on the smaller side work well. I had a few of these units in my garage storing hardware, but I knew they would be better put to use in her closet for art supplies.


We placed them in the center of her closet so that her clothing still has plenty of room to hang on either side of the piece. The shallow bins are perfect for sorting her utensils and supplies.


Having everything streamlined in this manner makes it much easier for her to find what she is looking for as we all know sometimes the mess is created during the search!

At the top of the closet you can also see a row of aqua storage bins which hold clothing Emmy has yet to grow into.  The use of matching storage bins makes anything look a little tidier with little effort.  We carried this idea through to under her bed, where we store all of her toys.


As you can see, we purchased plastic bins on wheels that easily roll under her bed. They are the perfect size to make the most use of that space.  To find the right size for your kid's room, just measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the bed’s side rail and find binds that will be a close fit to maximize that space.  The wheels are a great touch as they make it easy for a child to pull the bins in and out.  

Next to Emmy’s bed is a dollhouse- a play toy- but it is dual-purposed, acting also as a nightstand for her.  


It was a great way for us to provide her with a place to set her nighttime water, while also sneaking in more play space.

Our family loves to read, and happily that is a trait we have passed on to our children, Emmy especially.  We didn’t have room for a bookcase in her bedroom as we needed space for a large dresser (hello, mini fashionista!).  A great way to work in book storage is by adding shelves; you can purchase wall mount shelving or DIY it as we did.


Because we live in a Cape Cod style home, we have an awkward nook in Emmy’s room that was perfect for adding shelving.  This space now offers her plenty of book storage, display space for things that are special to her, and underneath on the floor, room for her 348 stuffed animals.


I mentioned that we couldn’t fit a bookcase due to needing a large dresser.  As many little girls do, Emmy loves fashion.  She enjoys a variety of styles and experimenting with them, mixing and matching patterns and colors.


Because of her love for clothing, we needed a large dresser. Last year, I replaced her smaller dresser with this triple dresser I painted for her. The size of this pieces is awesome for storage, but it also gives her a little display space. However, she often piles things up on it leaving a cluttered mess, so we’ve been working on streamlining.  We’ve created a space for her jewelry at one end, but I also allow her to display her own creations- right now, she’s got her new Lego hotel up there, which she proudly built herself.


And on the other end of her dresser sits a small mirrored box which serves to hold her earrings, pins, bracelets and other small pieces of jewelry. Adjacent to it on the wall is a pegboard jewelry organizer I created for her.


Before we had this organizer in place, her necklaces were always a tangled jumble!  A simple pegboard with “S” hooks solved that problem!


With systems in place that are accessible and easily used by children, you can keep a maximalist child’s space organized and clear of messy clutter (which is different than neatly streamlined clutter!).

Best of luck as you tackle those spaces that challenge you in 2016!

For more DIY tips, check out the DIY section of our blog or visit our Pinterest page!

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How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall


Creating the right balance in a gallery wall can be tricky. Luckily, Gabrielle Anschau, from Trend Mogul, is showing us how to create the ultimate gallery wall to add character to your home.

1. Do your research and get inspired

Putting together a quality gallery wall will take time, planning and effort. It is important to do your research - look on Instagram, Pinterest, or for stylistic inspiration.

Also consider what the purpose of your gallery wall will be - is it to display family photographs? Memorabilia? Artwork? Or an eclectic combination of both? Consider where you live - are you near the beach? The mountains? Does your city have historical significance? Use your surroundings as a muse for your gallery!


(Photo via

2. Find the right space

The size and scale of the wall you decide to use should affect the type and size of the frames you choose. Is it a staircase wall? Will the gallery be centered above a piece of furniture? What sources of light are you dealing with?

These factors, as well as the room's existing decor should also play a part in your decision-making. Staircase walls are generally awkward to decorate - the narrower the staircase, the smaller the frames should be if you actually want to see them properly! Consider how well lit your display will be - if the wall lacks adequate lighting, consider installing a wall mounted light to show off your beautiful new display!


(Photo via


(Photo via

3. Decide on a theme

There should be some degree of coherence within your gallery - whether it is the frames you choose, an overall theme (e.g. nautical), a color scheme or the size of the prints - the most successful gallery walls are the ones that look coordinated, and not thoughtlessly thrown together.


(Photo via

4. Don't stop at photos and artwork!

Traditionally gallery walls are used to display photography and artwork in a similar configuration to how they are arranged in professional galleries (hence the name). However, they can be used to display pretty much anything that takes your fancy!

For example:

Create a stylish display of different sized mirrors - this is particularly effective in a small space such as a staircase wall.


(Photo via

Frame designer shopping bags, scarves or vintage clothing to give your room a fashionable flair.


(Photo via


(Photo via

Positive affirmation art, sketches and maps can also create a meaningfully stylish display.


(Photo via

Create unity between your images with a monochromatic black and white theme.


(Photo via

And my personal favorite, vintage posters!


(Photo via


(Photo via

5. Configure your wall

Now we've reached the tricky part. Before you get carried away and start drilling holes in walls, lay everything out on a table or the floor and play with the configuration. Work out what order everything will be placed in and the spacing between pieces.

Come up with a general 'spacing rule' (e.g. 3 inches, 1 ft etc.) to ensure that the spaces between frames remain consistent. Mark up your measurements on your chosen wall using a spirit level and a faint pencil (you can use an eraser to get rid of the lines once you've hammered the nails into place.) Start with hanging the center piece first (it will be harder to shift this later) and gradually work your way out.


(Photo via

And there you have it! Gallery walls are an innovative, fun, and relatively cheap way to personalize your home and add a stylish flair to your home worthy of a professional gallery!

For more DIY projects, visit the DIY section of our blog or check out our Pinterest page

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The Buzz: Rose Quartz & Serenity

Towards the end of every year Pantone chooses a color that they think will represent the trends and styles of the year to come. This color is fittingly given the title "Color of the Year." This year, things are a little different.The internet is buzzing about Pantone's bold move to combine two colors as the 2016 Color of the Year. 

shocked face gif

Why two colors? Pantone sees this choice as a progressive move that "challenges traditional perceptions of color association." Rose Quartz is a soft pink (we predicted this!) and Serenity is a delicate blue.

According to The Executive Director of Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman,"Joined together Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler, tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace." 

Serenity and Rose Quartz Pantone

While these colors are beautiful, we're curious to see how they are applied to interior design as the year progresses. They aren't a traditional color for decorating, although neither was last year's color, Marsala. 

Here are some stunning examples of how these colors are already being used in home decor:

Soft & subtle.

soft and subtle rose quartz and serenity room


Bold & bright.

bold and bright rose quartz and serenity room


Elegant & ethereal. 

rose quartz and serenity tea party setting


These colors are beautiful together and apart. What do you think of Pantone's 2016 Color of the Year? 

For more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.

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DIY No-Sew Pillow Covers


We're happy to announce that Ada Gonzalez from Ada's Interior Design has partnered up with to share some DIY projects exclusively with Pursuit of Home. Get ready to craft!


I love shopping for decorative pillows for my clients, but since I specialize in affordable decorating solutions I aim to shave costs whenever I can without affecting the quality of the design and comfort of my clients. A new decorative pillow can cost from approximately $15 to $275. So, a great solution is to keep your old pillow insert and replace your pillow cover.

Great, right? However, you still have to either spend good money on a pillow cover or sew your own pillow cover. Who has time to sew? I barely had time to chew my breakfast this morning. Also, sewing is not the easiest task for those of us who are enemies with their sewing machine. My machine spends most of it’s time giving me the evil eye (of the needle). 


So, until my sewing machine and I become BFFs, my economical solution is to make pillow covers without sewing, in just one minute! Yep, it takes just ONE MINUTE to make these pillow covers using simple folding techniques.

Instead of having to buy tons of different pillows for every season, or holiday, or every time your pillow starts to fade, simply invest in buying fabric (you just need 1 yard!) to cover 14” to 16” pillows.

The pretty pink chevron pillow cover I created for this post cost me just $4.00. I know, amazing, right?!

Just 1 yard (36” of fabric) 
Old 14” or 16” pillow 


Fold the yard of fabric into a square (36”x36”)


Place pillow in the center and diagonal to the corner of the fabric


Fold right flap onto the pillow


Fold left flap onto the pillow


Tuck in the edges (as if you were gift wrapping a present)


Fold over the remaining flaps


Tie the two visible flaps into a soft knot


Now, admire your work.


Bonus! You now have 2 designs. One side has a bow design, and the other is a beautiful flat design.



For more interior decorating tips (with an economical flair of course!), head over to Ada's website. Or check out the rest of the Home Expert Series on's Pinterest page! 

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5 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Oasis


We're so excited to announce that Sharon Hines from Mrs. Hines' Class has partnered up with to share some home decorating tips exclusively with Pursuit of Home. Enjoy!

With this sweltering heat minimizing the time I spend outdoors, I actually found myself looking forward to cooler fall weather so that I can tend to my neglected garden and spend evenings dining al fresco. I love entertaining outdoors; people scattered across the yard under the warm glow of party lights strung under the patio, helping themselves to beverages, roasting s’mores, and laughing. The atmosphere is so important when having and outdoor party, I thought I'd offer some tips to help you create your own outdoor oasis!


With just a little imagination, creativity, and these 5 easy tips, anyone can turn a bare backyard into an outdoor oasis.

Space Planning

First, decide how you want to use the space. Do you plan on dining outside, growing an herb or vegetable garden, soaking in a hot tub, or napping under the trees?

Then, collect images of spaces you love to help you determine how you want your space to look. Consider the color palette, furniture construction (such as rattan, metal or wood), and hardscape materials (such as crushed granite, flagstone, or concrete). 


Tip #1: Create "getaways" by tucking seating into the nooks and crannies of your space.


Either sketch your ideas on graph paper (so that your drawing is to scale), or schedule a consultation with a landscaper. There is usually no obligation with a consultation, and you’ll benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a professional.


Tip #2: The stepping stone at the end of a path should be larger than the rest, signifying a landing spot.

Now, it’s time to get to work! You can DIY or hire a professional. If you hire a professional, you can implement the design plans in stages, as you can afford it. If you are choosing the DIY route, there are plenty of online tutorials on everything from fire pits to pallet furniture to decking.


Tip #3: Save money on outdoor furniture and accessories by repurposing items you may already have and shopping second hand.


Light up the night. You’ll want to add plenty of lighting so that you can enjoy your space at night. There’s something so magical about string lights cascading across the sky or twinkling from the trees.


Tip #4: If you lack the space to hang lights, you can achieve the same feel using stake lights, candles, lanterns or tiki torches.


Personalize it! Add small details to make your oasis reflect your personality. 


Tip #5: Use old board games as table tops. Hang your family monogram. Add birdbaths and birdhouses.

Creating the backyard of your dreams is easy! All you need is some time and a vision. 

Now that you've learned some tips for decorating your home's exterior, here are some tips for decorating your interior. For even more DIY ideas, check out our DIY Pinterest board

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Top 10 Favorite Interior Design Regrams


We love finding inspiration pictures on instagram and "regramming" them so our followers can enjoy them too. We compiled a list of our 10 favorite "regrams" for easy viewing all in one place! 


1. Dining Room via @harrisonandco



We love this photo, not only because of the layout, but because of the monochromatic color scheme as well. Adding small pops of green and blue to a mostly grey and white room is a brilliant choice. Obsessed. 

2. Patterened Floor via @elizaashe


These patterns immediately caught our eye when scanning Instagram and we had to regram and share with our followers. We like this post because it shows how easy it can be to combine patterns. This technique is great for pillows, upholstery, bedding, you name it! 

3. Wallpapered Bookshelf via @andreafoltraninteriores


We're in love. Wallpapering the back wall of bookshelves is such a different way to add patterns to a room. It's almost like wallpapering the wall, but less of a commitment. 

4. Photo Wallpaper via @oriente_designs


How cool is this?! Using a photo to wallpaper a wall is such an original, amazing idea. Of course, you'd have to choose a photo you really like, but the end result looks awesome. Or, as one of the commenters noted, "that's dope yo." 

5. Green Wall via @manu_albuquerque


This flat green wall color is phenomenal. Flat design is super trendy right now, so this photo tugged at our design-loving heartstrings. Everything in this photo is super well organized (even the bottles on the table!) and we love that.

6. All Pink Everything via @yonasoycandles


Because pink. That's why.

7. DIY Mural via @diyconfessions


This mural is beyond stunning. We love the bold simplicity and the color choice. Any kid would be lucky to have a nursery as funky as this one!

8. Symmetrical Seating via @local_milk


There's something strangely beautiful (in a Wes Anderson kind of way) about the angle and symmetry of this photo. It almost looks like it was taken inside of a dollhouse - so cool!

9. Bold Colors via @thechroniclesofhome

LOVE these colors! Via @thechroniclesofhome. 💙💚💜 #interiordesign #interiordecorating #furniture #furnituredotcom

A photo posted by (@furnituredotcom) on


Everything about this photo is fabulous. We love the arrangement, the colors, the patterns, the shapes...everything. 

10. Lime Green Accents via @unpackdesign


The lime green accents bring this whole picture together. We really like this green paired with the muted coral/beige wall. 

Aren't these pictures gorgeous? For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest

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5 Tips for Decorating Like a Pro (on a Budget)


We're so excited to announce that Carmen Ordonez from Viva Fashion has partnered up with to share amazing interior design tips exclusively with Pursuit of Home. Enjoy!


There’s something about flipping through interior design magazines that gets me all giddy.  I immediately start thinking “ooh, wouldn’t this look nice in my living room!”  or “I need to add more color.” But let’s be honest, many times decorating can be challenging and having a restricted budget doesn’t help. Well not to fret, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tips to help you decorate like a pro, without breaking the bank.

So without further adieu, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tip #1: Add plants

[Photo source:]

If there’s one thing interior designers love, it a good plant. Adding plants is an easy way to add visual interest and freshness to your space. You can add them in a corner of your living room, in the kitchen, bathroom or on a coffee or dining table. Plus, you can find many designer favorites like a fiddle leaf fig tree or succulents for under $40 bucks.

Not only do they look stylish, but plants also help purify the air and remove toxins, which is great for your health too. However, If you’re like me and can’t keep any plant alive, try to look for plants that require very little maintenance (or water for that matter). I personally love bamboo palms and snake plants. They look beautiful, don’t require much work, and are non-toxic to pets and children (which is also something important to consider when picking plants).

Tip #2:  Add some artwork

[Photo source:]

Artwork can immediately make any home look more sophisticated and it’s a great way to show-off your personality. Online flash sales sites like Gilt sell fabulous artwork that won’t break the bank and stores like HomeGoods have great options as well. 

If you’re looking to make a statement with your walls, you can also try a gallery wall. They don’t have to be expensive, you can go to IKEA or Target and find affordable frames for under $50 dollars. Simply fill them up with family photos, old letters, or your child’s artwork. I actually framed a drawing my 2 year-old made me for Mother’s Day and it sits in my home office. You can also get creative and frame green leaves or other items from nature.

Tip #3: Accessorize

[Photo source:]

If you’re on a budget, but still want to find some easy ways to revamp your home, look for small, affordable accessories like decorative pillows or a throw for a couch. It’s crazy how these accessories can instantly change the look of a room.

Tip #4: Add Color

[Image via]

When it comes to decorating we're often afraid of color, but that’s simply because we don’t know where to start. A rule many interior designers use is to start with a neutral color (warm and cool tones) and then layer on your accent colors. The accent colors should be limited to two colors. Again, you don’t need to splurge on these accent colors, simply look for accessories like we discussed in the prior tip.

Tip #5: Less is More

[Photo source:]

Don’t feel like you have to over design! As with many things, when it comes to design, less is more. You want your home to feel curated and not like you  picked a bunch of random things and threw them all in one room. When in doubt, remove a few items.  As an added bonus, you can donate to charity or even have a garage sale while you're decluttering your space!

We hope Carmen's tips can help you design your home on a budget. To design the perfect guest room, check out this post by Bryn Huntpalmer! For even more design tips, check out our Pinterest page! 

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What's Your Dad's Design Style?


The sun has finally decided to shine, school’s almost out, and it’s nearly summer. The time to honor and thank our dads for their caring support and quirky yet lovable dad-like habits has come. has the perfect living room furnishings for sporty dads to traditional dads and every dad in between. So why not pay tribute to your Dad with some new furniture to brighten up his day and enliven the home? Here are some suggestions.


1. The Sporty Dad

This type of dad is young (or at least young at heart), maintains ties to his favorite sports teams, and isn’t shy about putting his pride on display. He likes modern materials and enjoys inviting some friends or family over for a day or night of sporting event-watching, drinks and snacks. Maybe he even has a man-cave.

Our Touchdown futon sofa bed series is great for a basement or living area and is perfect for one of his buddies to crash on after a late game. Choose from several different teams, including the winner of the first college football playoff and 2015 National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes, and America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. Styled in the team’s colors, with the name and logo featured prominently on the front, this sofa features black faux leather upholstery, tufting in a grid pattern and chrome feet that exude accessible modern luxury.

Touchdown     Touchdown-2

Now, for the drinks and snacks part. That’s where the Boyd Percy bar set comes in. A foot rail lends it that true bar feel, while stemware storage slots and ample shelf space ensure Dad will have room for his preferred beverage and finger foods so he can fully enjoy watching the game at home.



2. The Entertainment-Loving Dad

This next dad is similar to the sporty dad, but he’s more into entertainment in a general sense. He's always looking to reproduce that movie theater atmosphere at home and pump up the volume on his jams.

The Frisco power home theatre sectional is perfect for a living room (or screening room) and comes outfitted with lighted cup holders and hidden storage on both deep arms. With this seating option, your dad and up to three friends can take in action flicks in seats that have a sleek, space-age vibe.


Combine this sectional with the Abruzzo white fireplace TV stand (with built-in sound bar) for ultimate media versatility and warm hearth appeal. Your dad can take full advantage of his (or your) music library via a docking port for an iOS device and plenty of storage and wire management for electronics placement.


3. The Traditional Dad

The traditional dad appreciates the finer things in life and would be described as elegant and refined.

If this is the case, try the Winchell sofa or three-piece living room package to fully furnish a room. The 100% Ieather upholstery shines through for steeped-in-luxury, sumptuous, and Italian-designed furniture. 


If you didn’t think you could give your traditional dad any more comfy luxury, there’s the Endicott chair and ottoman to round out the seating possibilities at the homestead.The chair (worthy of a men’s social club) even has a slightly curved wing back for added class. You’re old-school dad will be so pleased!


4. The Rugged Dad

This dad likes the outdoors, camping, fishing and maybe wrangling cowpokes in his spare time.

Whether his home is actually on the range or in an urban oasis, the Sierra sectional sofa and cocktail ottoman will fit his style perfectly. With room for the whole family, or the whole hunting party, this bonded leather piece of furniture is tri-toned for a distressed look that will fit in with his broken-in jeans and leather cowboy boots. The ottoman gives you even more seating space, or a place to kick up your feet, or even still a spot for a tray of wings or slices of brisket.


To go alongside this sofa, try the Kent chairside table, whose worn-in, handcrafted look is an ideal companion for your dad’s reading material, remotes, and any table lamps he might need to brighten up his space. The X-shaped stretchers give that extra rustic feel which reminds him of something he might have built himself.


No matter your dad’s tastes are, you can be sure has you covered for decorating his living area or updating his favorite room. C’mon, you know he’s done a lot for you over the years; lend him a design hand with our help (remember our Design Team is always ready to assist you with advice and insider deals) and celebrate your dad in style this Father’s Day.

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Furniture Tips from Moms on the Move: Meet Laura


Moving around constantly can cause issues when it comes to buying and picking out furniture. To get a better sense of the challenges involved with moving around a lot, we interviewed Laura, a military mom who has moved seven times! Laura shared her experiences with relocating and how to pick furniture that fits an unpredictable lifestyle. 

1. Tell us a little about yourself!
I'm a Marine wife of about ten years and I've moved seven times within those ten years! Our moves have spanned from the East to West Coast, the Midwest, and overseas. We have a daughter who is just turning seven and she has ventured with us on five of the seven moves. 

2. How many states/countries have you lived in? 

I have lived in nine states (Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Hawaii, Virginia, and California) and two countries (US and Germany). My husband has lived in even more! 


3. What's the hardest part about moving around so much? 

Quote-2-2The hardest part of moving is saying goodbye to great friends and having to start over from scratch in a brand new place. It gets even harder when kids and school transitions are involved.

Another tricky part is the huge variation in home size and type. We've gone from a 3,000 square-foot single family home to a 1,200 square-foot apartment. Having furniture that can fit all shapes and sizes of homes is a tough challege! Our furniture also undergoes a lot of wear and tear each time we move. Even the highest quality pieces start to fall apart over time.

4. What's the hardest part about buying furniture for a family? 

The hardest part about buying furniture is trying to find something that is durable enough to survive many moves, yet pretty enough to be showcased! The pieces also need to be very versatile. My favorite peices have doubled as bedroom furniture in some homes and dining room accents in others! Having pieces that I can mix-and-match is key. 

5. What's your favorite piece of furniture that you currently own? How long have you had it?

Unfortunately, my favorite piece is currently sitting in storage since our temporary home is pretty small. But it's a beautiful wine hutch! It is one of those fun items that has worked in our kitchen, dining room, living room, and I think even in a guest room once. It is the perfect piece to fill an empty nook and it works well with our other furniture. 

6. What furniture tips for you have for other families that move around a lot?

  1. Buy pieces that can serve multiple purposes,
  2. You have never have enough storage and shelving.
  3. Durable finish is key! I've found that more rustic, already somewhat-distressed pieces fare better with each move. The extra "character" they acquire makes them even more unique!

7. What do you look for in a piece of furniture when you buy it? 

I definitley look for that mix-and-match quality. If there is a piece that I know will go with the majority of my furniture and can be put in any room, it's a keeper. I can't buy a piece that is strictly for a certain room because there is never a guarantee it will fit in that room in the next house! 


8. What's your design style of choice?

My favorite style is nautical. I love lighter woods and a lot of whites, blues, and greens. Our homes end up being an eclectic mix because we buy different furniture and art in each place we live to remind us of our different homes. At the pace we're moving we've built up quite the collection! We love the unique and personal memories our home offers. 

9. What's the one piece of furniture you're most likely to leave behind and buy new? 

Easy choice- the guest room bed. I haven't had the time to refurnish the room. That thing has followed us through many moves and at this point, it's just begging to be left behind.

10. Where would your dream home be?

My dream home would definitely be on the beach somewhere. I'd want high ceilings, lots of light, and an open floor plan. The centerpiece of the home would be a large and inviting kitchen area connected to an even larger "great room" with a fantastic fireplace! 



For us, home is where the heart is. We hope Laura's story can inspire and help you when you decide to move or buy furniture. has a great selection at affordable prices. So check us out!

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8 Fabulous Furniture Finds for Small Spaces


Everyone would love to have that luxurious, spread-out space to live in and decorate but, truth be told, we're often faced with a small apartment to furnish, especially in urban areas. 

Enter We have the perfect pieces for your tighter spaces! Here are two distinct room setups with several furnishings that won't take up too much real estate. First, a chic, modern take on compact living, befitting a student or professional. Next, a more refined look that would work swimmingly as a home office, guest room or retreat in a larger home.

Let's start with modern:

Crescent-Desk-1 Viper-Office-Chair-2

The Coopersville glass-top desk fits all your work accoutrements while serving as a space for placing collectibles or just your keys and essentials. In a small room, this versatility is important; with a desk like this you can study or work, display your artistic sense or your interests and have a place for storing everyday living items.

The Karl office chair is great for extra seating and as a perfect office furniture complement to the Coopersville. Seat height adjustment is built in and casters on the durable, brushed nickel base allow for easy movement, even on carpets!

Magma-Bookcase-5 Mezzo-Futon 

Matching the merlot finish of the desk, you may choose the Frye large bookcase to display your treasures, work papers and books. A classic irregular bookcase, this showpiece is only 12 inches deep and 35 inches wide, fitting in that tight space of yours conveniently.

The focal point of a room should be attractive in form and function, and the Armando futon sofa bed with sound system offers your tight living area seating and sleeping options. Folding down from its sofa position, the Armando becomes a bed, and one with audio speakers, at that. Why waste space with a bulky stereo system when you can have it built right into your futon? 


Now for something a little more classic:

Arts--Crafts-Desk-and-Chair Arts--Crafts-Sofa-Table

This room starts with the early 20th-century mission furniture style of the Wentworth Dark desk and chair set. The desk features an open design, so you can store a file cabinet or boxes underneath, maximizing the space that's at a premium. The chair is not only extra seating, but the ideal companion to the office desk for getting homework or paperwork done, and casters provide convenience. 

Also from the Wentworth Dark suite, the sofa table is slim and full of storage or display space, perfect for placement against a wall or behind a sofa.

Marlene-Futon Compass-End-Table

Fitting in with this deep, chocolate color scheme is the slightly contemporary, but mid-century-influenced, Barclay java-finished futon sofa bed, which combines the relaxation of a Euro lounger and the versatility of a fold-down futon. When you choose this piece that doubles as living room seating and sleeping accommodations, you're well on your way to saving space!

Rounding out this traditional-inflected room is the Cole round end table, which features exotic Zebrano veneers that give the piece a stylish look for a price you can afford. The round shape presents economy of design, taking up less room, while a single drawer provides a little convenient storage for living room or small bedroom accessories.

So, when facing those big design issues for your not-so-big space think of these contrasting furniture pieces to help you conquer the job.

 We hope we were able to help you decorate your small space! To search for more pieces, check out!

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Furniture Tips from Moms on the Move: Meet Stacy


Moving around constantly can cause issues when it comes to buying and picking out furniture. To get a better sense of the challenges involved with moving around a lot, we interviewed Stacy, a military mom with three kids who has lived in 5 states. Stacy shared her experiences with relocating and how to pick furniture that fits an unpredictable lifestyle. 

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I'm a mom to three kids: a seven-year-old daughter and two sons, ages three and five. I started my military career at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Upon graduating I served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps for five years.My husband, Kevin, just recently retired from the Marine Corps after serving for twenty years. (Stacy and Kevin pictured below.)


 (Photo via Nicki Bursae Photography:


2. How many states have you lived in? 

StatesLet's see... I think five. My father was in the Navy and was stationed in Maryland and that's where I was born. After graduating from college, I spent six months in Virginia for training before I I ventured out on my own for the first time and moved to eastern North Carolina. Two years later Kevin and I got married and moved to South Carolina.

Kevin got stationed in North Carolina while I was pregnant with our second child. We didn't want to be apart during my pregnancy so we packed up half of our belongings and moved to North Carolina for nine months. When Kevin left for deployment, the kids and I moved back to South Carolina. When Kevin returned from deployment, the Marine Corps was able to send him back to his previous unit in South Carolina. Our family was back together again!

After Kevin retired we relocated to Boston for a while then finally settled in North Carolina.  




3. What's the hardest part about moving around so much?

For me, it was hard making our house feel like a home when I knew it was only temporary. Our South Carolina home was my favorite. We picked out everything from the colors of the walls to the kitchen counter tops and hardware. We even got to pick out where the electric outlets would go! It was our home, and even though I knew it wasn't a forever home, it was still a bittersweet goodbye. The townhouse in Boston was a hard transition for us. The townhouse was not only smaller than our home in South Carolina, but we weren't allowed to put holes in the walls to hang pictures and we couldn't paint the walls -- they were all flat white. I didn't want to buy new items for the townhouse because I knew it was only temporary, but I still wanted to make the place feel like home. 


4. What's the hardest part about buying furniture for a family?


Probably predicting how the family will change and being able to adapt. When Kevin and I were first married we were buying furniture for a big, three bedroom house. Kevin and I each had our own bedroom sets and Kevin had a living room set. It was overwhelming trying to decide what style of furniture to put in each room while also keeping in mind that we would one day have a family. Our kitchen table came with four chairs, which was fine for the first seven years of our marriage, but then our third child came along. He outgrew his high chair a couple years ago, but there was very little space in our townhouse for seating. For the past two years we've had to use a folding chair to fit our family of five around the kitchen table. Now that we have a nice, open eating area, I'm excited to find the best furniture to solve our seating situation.






5. What's your favorite piece of furniture that you currently own? How long have you had it?

My favorite piece is a large bookshelf we've had since our first home. Our first house had a very open floor plan with high ceilings and when we moved we weren't sure it would fit in our townhouse, but thankfully, it did. I don't really know why I like it so much, but it's perfect for pictures, books, and mementos. Maybe that's why I like it so much. It holds our special family memories. 

     Cabinet Cabinet


6. What furniture tips do you have for other families that move around a lot?

I would recommend picking a few pieces that define your style and that you really love and take them with you wherever you go. That way, no matter where you live, it will always feel like home. 


7. What do you look for in a piece of furniture when you buy it?

I like to make sure I'm getting my money's worth. I know that if I buy a cheaper item, I'm probably sacrificing quality. When I was buying pieces that were more important to me (like my dining room table and china cabinet), I wanted pieces that were made well. For my living room, I was looking for pieces that were comfortable and durable because my family spends a lot of time in the living room. The couches had to be able to stand up to three energetic kids. 


8. What's your design style of choice?

My style would probably best be described as traditional. 


9. What's the one piece of furniture you're most likely to leave behind and buy new?

We have storage for toys in the kids' room that could easily be given away. One of the storage pieces has pink and purple bins which my daughter has outgrown and it doesn't match the boys' room so there's no reason to keep it. I'd like to get rid of it and make room for something more useful.


10. Where would your dream home be?

There's a community in South Carolina near where I used to live. We used to take the kids for walks along the paths and admired the beautiful scenery. There's always been rumors that John Travolta owns a house there, so it's totally unattainable unless I win the lottery a few times over, but it's a gorgeous neighborhood. 


For us, home is where the heart is. We hope Stacy's tips help you when you decide to move or buy furniture. has a great selection at affordable prices. So check us out!

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How to Pick the Best Fabric for your Furniture [Infographic]

Choosing the right fabric for your furniture can be hard because there are so many options to pick from. To help you out, we've taken some of the most common fabrics, defined them, explained when they should be used, and how long it takes to clean them. From bonded leather to velvet, we've got you covered!


To find the perfect piece with the right fabric for your needs, head over to
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Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Pattern Say About You?


Everyone has their own design preferences, but did you ever wonder what your style says about your personality? Why did you choose that fabric? Just pick your favorite and scroll down to see what your choice says about you!

              Studio-1    Jasmine

               Kismet-1     Candice

               Marley     Madison-1


If you picked 1: You're organized. You lean more towards the neat and tidy but that doesn't mean you shy away from fun! You like bold lines and clean, geometric designs. Every shape has a purpose, every line has a meaning, and that's exactly how it should be. The Prospect geometric accent chair is your perfect match. 

Here are some other picks you'll like:

 Pompano-Sofa   Caterina-Chair

                 The Pompano modern grey sofa                                The Caterina grey accent chair

If you picked 2: You're a free spirit. You like flowing, organic lines and you're willing to think outside of the box. You don't pick the predictable path and it shows in your style choices! You're fun, easygoing, and carefree. The Alexandia flowery chair and a half speaks to your soul.

Here are some other picks you'll like:

Atwater-Merlot-Queen-Bed   Brookside-Spa-Sofa

             The Atwater merlot queen bed                                        The Brookside light green sofa

If you picked 3: You're wild! You live your life outside of the box. To you, lines were created to be colored outside of. There is no hue too bold and no fabric too crazy. You speak your mind wear your heart on your sleeve. The Calamar retro accent chair is just vibrant enough to match your personality.

Here are some other picks you'll like:

 Walker-Red-Sofa   Madeline-Brown-Chair

                           The Walker red sofa                                        The Marquette brown accent chair   

If you picked 4: You're classic. You like traditions and keeping things how they've always been. You generally don't like big changes, and when you decide to change it's nothing drastic. You like simple, timless elegance. The Dandridge traditional accent chair will last for years to come.

Here are some other picks you'll like:

 Caroline-Red-Chair-1   Lowell-Queen-Bed
                The Caroline red accent chair                                          The Lowell cherry queen bed
If you picked 5: You're down-to-earth. You know who you are and what you like. It was easy for you to pick your favorite pattern because let's face it, this one is so obviously you. You're real and proud of it. The Emberley gingham accent chair is you. 
Here are some other picks you'll like:
Pearson-Chaise-Sofa   Eliot-Accent-Chair
              The Pearson gray chaise sofa                                          The Eliot gray accent chair
If you picked 6: You're bubbly. You're fun and energetic and always have a smile on your face! You like bright, floral colors because they make your home feel inviting and open. You're not afraid to try something different and laugh at yourself when it goes terribly wrong. This Concord accent chair and floral throw pillow is your spirit animal. 
Here are some other picks you'll like:
Perry-Accent-Chair   Hadley-Sofa 
          The Perry patterned accent chair                                            The Hadley floral sofa

We hope this helped you learn a little bit more about yourself and your interior design style! For more great patterns and pieces check out

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3 Colors Perfect for Spring Decor [Infographic]

It's time for an intererior design refresh. This spring is all about adding color in bold and daring ways; don't be scared - it's easy! You can add a small pop of color to your space or go totally color crazy and mix-and-match. Three colors that we're predicting to be trendy this spring are green, blue, and grey.


Green is a great color because there are oodles of different shades.You can go from mint to sage to olive (anyone else getting hungry?) depending on your personal style. Your room will be so chic, your friends will be green with envy.

Blue is fabulous because it is an underused color that is incredibly versitile. Go dark with slate blue or brighten it up with pastel. Blue is the new you.

Lastly, grey may seem gloomy to some, but to us it's a wonderful world of possibilities. Grey can be paired with the boldest of bold colors and it will always match. What more could you want?
Need more color options? is chock full of 'em! 
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The App: See it in Your Home Before You Buy

We know a lot of people may be nervous about buying furniture online without being able to see it in your home first. We get it - buying furniture is a big decision and it could be hard to commit to a piece when you aren't positive you'll love it. That's where the app can help. Our app can put the furniture in your home, without any purchase being made! "How is this possible?!" You question, "Is this witchcraft?!" Before you rally a mob and grab your pitchforks and torches, download the app and see for yourself

All you need to do is download the free app to your phone, print the marker, place the marker where you want the furniture to go, focus your phone, and poof - virtual furniture. Plus, you can take a picture of the virtual setup and show your friends! This is the perfect solution to being able to see the furniture in your space before committing to the purchase.

Take a look at how we used the app to test out new furniture here in the office:


 Our Facebook fans love the Hollister collection so we thought we'd see how this accent chair looks in our office! Turns out, it looks great!



How stylin' would our office be if all of the desk chairs were switched out for these Juliette cream dining chairs? (To help visualize how the app works, this picture shows the marker underneath the chair!)




Here's our Email Marketing Specialist, Lauren, hanging out with the Caterina grey accent chair. (Hard to believe it's not really there!)



 We would LOVE having this Albion blue loveseat in our hallway. It looks so comfy! 




The Peabody black accent chair looks nice here! (Hmmm... who do we talk to about buying this for our office?)



How is our Paid Search Specialist, Drew, supposed to do any work with this patterned cube ottoman on his desk? Gotcha! It's not really there! 




Believe it or not, our Content Marketing Strategist, Brooke, doesn't have this Highline accent chair sitting on her desk all day. Cool, right?

We love this app because it makes it so easy to see what furniture will look like in your home before you buy it. It's the perfect tool to help you decided which piece to buy and it's so easy to use! 

To search for more furniture and pick out pieces to test on the app, visit!

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