3 Workouts You Can Do in Your Living Room


Going to the gym in the winter is tough. It's cold, it's miserable, you just want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie -- we get it. But what if we could bring the gym to you? We scoured the web and compiled a list of exercises that you can do in your living room. Take a break from binge watching and work your way back to a summer bod from the comfort of your home. No equipment required. 

1. Cardio

According to an article on Greatist, there are a lot of bodyweight excercises you can do that not only build strength, but get your heart rate up as well - AKA, cardio. 

One of the workouts we liked, because it's a good exercise and has a cute name, is the "Inchworm." This move is like a burpee, but without standing up and jumping (that's the worst part, anyway.) Move your coffee table out of the way and get ready to workout! 

"Stand tall, and bend over until your fingertips are on the floor. Next, walk the hands forward while keeping the legs straight until you’ve reached a traditional push-up position. Finish off the move by taking tiny steps to get your feet back up to your hands. Repeat for 4-6 reps."


(Photo and workout instructions via Greatist)

2. Abs

We hate crunches- they're boring. Instead, we found a great ab workout on Real Simple. Not only will it tone your abs, but it can be done in 15 minutes. 

This workout is called the Bird-Dog, another adorable name. This article is taken a very animal-centric turn. 

"To work your six-pack area and back, remain on all fours and tighten your abdominal muscles, keeping your spine and neck in a neutral position; you should be looking at the floor (top illustration). Slowly extend your left leg behind you while reaching your right arm forward (bottom illustration). Keep your hips and shoulders square and make sure your lower back doesn’t arch. Hold for five seconds. Slowly return to the starting position and do the move on the opposite side. Complete 5 to 10 repetitions on each side."


(Photo and workout instructions via Real Simple)

3. Legs

We found a great article on FourFourTwo.com that has eight different body weight workouts to tone your whole body. Personal Trainer, Ray Klerck, take you through some living room exercises that are guaranteed to give you a tough workout. 

Unfortunately, this workout doesn't have a cute animal name. These one-leg squats with a chair will tone your glutes, core, hamstrings, and quadriceps in no time. 

"Stand, feet shoulder-width apart, with a chair or couch behind you,” Klerck advises. “Raise your left foot off the ground by bending your knee backwards. Keep your back straight and slowly squat down by bending your right knee until your glutes touch the chair, before straightening back up to the start position. To increase the difficulty, fold your arms across your chest. Do 4 sets, 6 reps with each leg." 


(Photo and workout instructions via Four Four Two)

For more fun workouts you can do at home, check out any of the links below.
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What's Your Dad's Design Style?


The sun has finally decided to shine, school’s almost out, and it’s nearly summer. The time to honor and thank our dads for their caring support and quirky yet lovable dad-like habits has come. Furniture.com has the perfect living room furnishings for sporty dads to traditional dads and every dad in between. So why not pay tribute to your Dad with some new furniture to brighten up his day and enliven the home? Here are some suggestions.


1. The Sporty Dad

This type of dad is young (or at least young at heart), maintains ties to his favorite sports teams, and isn’t shy about putting his pride on display. He likes modern materials and enjoys inviting some friends or family over for a day or night of sporting event-watching, drinks and snacks. Maybe he even has a man-cave.

Our Touchdown futon sofa bed series is great for a basement or living area and is perfect for one of his buddies to crash on after a late game. Choose from several different teams, including the winner of the first college football playoff and 2015 National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes, and America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. Styled in the team’s colors, with the name and logo featured prominently on the front, this sofa features black faux leather upholstery, tufting in a grid pattern and chrome feet that exude accessible modern luxury.

Touchdown     Touchdown-2

Now, for the drinks and snacks part. That’s where the Boyd Percy bar set comes in. A foot rail lends it that true bar feel, while stemware storage slots and ample shelf space ensure Dad will have room for his preferred beverage and finger foods so he can fully enjoy watching the game at home.



2. The Entertainment-Loving Dad

This next dad is similar to the sporty dad, but he’s more into entertainment in a general sense. He's always looking to reproduce that movie theater atmosphere at home and pump up the volume on his jams.

The Frisco power home theatre sectional is perfect for a living room (or screening room) and comes outfitted with lighted cup holders and hidden storage on both deep arms. With this seating option, your dad and up to three friends can take in action flicks in seats that have a sleek, space-age vibe.


Combine this sectional with the Abruzzo white fireplace TV stand (with built-in sound bar) for ultimate media versatility and warm hearth appeal. Your dad can take full advantage of his (or your) music library via a docking port for an iOS device and plenty of storage and wire management for electronics placement.


3. The Traditional Dad

The traditional dad appreciates the finer things in life and would be described as elegant and refined.

If this is the case, try the Winchell sofa or three-piece living room package to fully furnish a room. The 100% Ieather upholstery shines through for steeped-in-luxury, sumptuous, and Italian-designed furniture. 


If you didn’t think you could give your traditional dad any more comfy luxury, there’s the Endicott chair and ottoman to round out the seating possibilities at the homestead.The chair (worthy of a men’s social club) even has a slightly curved wing back for added class. You’re old-school dad will be so pleased!


4. The Rugged Dad

This dad likes the outdoors, camping, fishing and maybe wrangling cowpokes in his spare time.

Whether his home is actually on the range or in an urban oasis, the Sierra sectional sofa and cocktail ottoman will fit his style perfectly. With room for the whole family, or the whole hunting party, this bonded leather piece of furniture is tri-toned for a distressed look that will fit in with his broken-in jeans and leather cowboy boots. The ottoman gives you even more seating space, or a place to kick up your feet, or even still a spot for a tray of wings or slices of brisket.


To go alongside this sofa, try the Kent chairside table, whose worn-in, handcrafted look is an ideal companion for your dad’s reading material, remotes, and any table lamps he might need to brighten up his space. The X-shaped stretchers give that extra rustic feel which reminds him of something he might have built himself.


No matter your dad’s tastes are, you can be sure Furniture.com has you covered for decorating his living area or updating his favorite room. C’mon, you know he’s done a lot for you over the years; lend him a design hand with our help (remember our Design Team is always ready to assist you with advice and insider deals) and celebrate your dad in style this Father’s Day.

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How to Pick the Best Fabric for your Furniture [Infographic]

Choosing the right fabric for your furniture can be hard because there are so many options to pick from. To help you out, we've taken some of the most common fabrics, defined them, explained when they should be used, and how long it takes to clean them. From bonded leather to velvet, we've got you covered!


To find the perfect piece with the right fabric for your needs, head over to Furniture.com.
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Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Pattern Say About You?


Everyone has their own design preferences, but did you ever wonder what your style says about your personality? Why did you choose that fabric? Just pick your favorite and scroll down to see what your choice says about you!

              Studio-1    Jasmine

               Kismet-1     Candice

               Marley     Madison-1


If you picked 1: You're organized. You lean more towards the neat and tidy but that doesn't mean you shy away from fun! You like bold lines and clean, geometric designs. Every shape has a purpose, every line has a meaning, and that's exactly how it should be. The Prospect geometric accent chair is your perfect match. 

Here are some other picks you'll like:

 Pompano-Sofa   Caterina-Chair

                 The Pompano modern grey sofa                                The Caterina grey accent chair

If you picked 2: You're a free spirit. You like flowing, organic lines and you're willing to think outside of the box. You don't pick the predictable path and it shows in your style choices! You're fun, easygoing, and carefree. The Alexandia flowery chair and a half speaks to your soul.

Here are some other picks you'll like:

Atwater-Merlot-Queen-Bed   Brookside-Spa-Sofa

             The Atwater merlot queen bed                                        The Brookside light green sofa

If you picked 3: You're wild! You live your life outside of the box. To you, lines were created to be colored outside of. There is no hue too bold and no fabric too crazy. You speak your mind wear your heart on your sleeve. The Calamar retro accent chair is just vibrant enough to match your personality.

Here are some other picks you'll like:

 Walker-Red-Sofa   Madeline-Brown-Chair

                           The Walker red sofa                                        The Marquette brown accent chair   

If you picked 4: You're classic. You like traditions and keeping things how they've always been. You generally don't like big changes, and when you decide to change it's nothing drastic. You like simple, timless elegance. The Dandridge traditional accent chair will last for years to come.

Here are some other picks you'll like:

 Caroline-Red-Chair-1   Lowell-Queen-Bed
                The Caroline red accent chair                                          The Lowell cherry queen bed
If you picked 5: You're down-to-earth. You know who you are and what you like. It was easy for you to pick your favorite pattern because let's face it, this one is so obviously you. You're real and proud of it. The Emberley gingham accent chair is you. 
Here are some other picks you'll like:
Pearson-Chaise-Sofa   Eliot-Accent-Chair
              The Pearson gray chaise sofa                                          The Eliot gray accent chair
If you picked 6: You're bubbly. You're fun and energetic and always have a smile on your face! You like bright, floral colors because they make your home feel inviting and open. You're not afraid to try something different and laugh at yourself when it goes terribly wrong. This Concord accent chair and floral throw pillow is your spirit animal. 
Here are some other picks you'll like:
Perry-Accent-Chair   Hadley-Sofa 
          The Perry patterned accent chair                                            The Hadley floral sofa

We hope this helped you learn a little bit more about yourself and your interior design style! For more great patterns and pieces check out Furniture.com.

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3 Colors Perfect for Spring Decor [Infographic]

It's time for an intererior design refresh. This spring is all about adding color in bold and daring ways; don't be scared - it's easy! You can add a small pop of color to your space or go totally color crazy and mix-and-match. Three colors that we're predicting to be trendy this spring are green, blue, and grey.


Green is a great color because there are oodles of different shades.You can go from mint to sage to olive (anyone else getting hungry?) depending on your personal style. Your room will be so chic, your friends will be green with envy.

Blue is fabulous because it is an underused color that is incredibly versitile. Go dark with slate blue or brighten it up with pastel. Blue is the new you.

Lastly, grey may seem gloomy to some, but to us it's a wonderful world of possibilities. Grey can be paired with the boldest of bold colors and it will always match. What more could you want?
Need more color options? Furniture.com is chock full of 'em! 
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Get the Spring Look with Help from the Furniture.com Design Team

Spring is (hopefully) right around the corner. While some places may still have a cold breeze in the air and snow on the ground, we want to warm things up with a spring-inspired living room. We found this gorgeous colorful living room and immediately fell in love. The pops of bold colors and patterns really say "spring."


cute-colorful-living-room(Photo via: http://www.decorola.com/living-room-ideas/colorful-living-room-decor.html)

We took this room to the Furniture.com design team and challenged them to recreate this look using products that are available on our site. They did a fantastic job and found pieces on Furniture.com that won't cost you an arm and a leg! 


The Sofa

The Calamar stone sofa is a great neutral tone that can act as a perfect base for bright colors.

The Trocadero cream sofa is delicate in color, but sturdy in structure.


The Accent Chairs  










The Whitley apple green velvet chair reminds us of blossoming flowers. It's the quintessential spring piece.

The Biscayne blue cotton chair is perfect for hanging out in warm weather.



The Cocktail Table


The Foxpoint distressed tan and black cocktail table is almost identical to the one in the inspiration photo! 

The Arno merlot cocktail table blends well the the neutral tones of the sofa, but can mix with fun colors too!


The Ottoman

The Stephania is a gorgeous round bronze ottoman. Organic shapes and soft edges help make your room more inviting.
The Hudson red ottoman is perfect for adding a little pop of color to the corner of your room! 

Bravo, Design Team, bravo! We hope these pieces will help you update your living room just in time for spring! If you're looking for more pieces to fill your space, check out Furniture.com

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7 Loveseats We Love: Furniture.com Staff Picks

To celebrate Valentine's Day we asked our staff to pick out a loveseat they love and tell us why they fell in love with it.  
But first, a brief lesson on where the term "loveseat" came from. Enclyclopedia Britannica says loveseats were originally designed in the 17th and 18th centuries so women with large dresses could sit comfortably. In the 19th century the name "loveseat" became popular and the seats began being produced with the purpose of fitting two people. How romantic. 
Now, without further ado, here are our staff's favorite loveseats:

(This apartment sofa was picked by two staff members!)

"I love it becaue it's chic, yet vey romantic. Also, almost any color throw pillow will match the beige upholstery-  even a red heart-shape one (I'm being cheesy)."

-Nathaly B., Graphic Designer

"I love it because it has a very classic French design. The tufting has a welcoming feel and looks incredibly comfortable.  No need for bulky back pillows, just sit down with the one you love and enjoy each other's company." 

-Robert K., Customer Care



"I love the Catalina gray loveseat. It has a modern look without being too contemporary and its overstuffed cushions make it very inviting! This loveseat makes me want to cozy up and snuggle with my hubby for some semi-forced romantic comedy movie viewing on Valentine's Day."

- Kaitlyn T., HR Manager 



"I love the Highline blue loveseat because it's a great way to add a pop of color to a small space. I also really like the retro style. It's a subtle nod to the '60s and '70s without being over the top and outdated."


- Vlada R., Furniture.com Ecommerce Manager


"There is so much to love about this Winchell leather loveseat! I love the two-tone design with one shade framing the other, the traditional roll arms and nailhead trim, as well as the fact the it's made from 100% leather crafted by Italian artisans. It's perfect for watching a classic film with your Valentine."

- Andrew P., Catalog Specialist




"My apartment is really modern and it's hard to find a modern loveseat that matches the room.  I like this color because it stays neutral without being too boring.  This is a perfect loveseat, made just for two!"

- Cait P., Product Management




"The Marquette chocolate apartment sofa feels like the perfect mix of romance and masculinity. If I'm going to indulge in some dark chocolate, red wine, and a copy of Crazy, Stupid Love by myself, it's going to be while sitting on this loveseat, crying into those fabulous faux cowhide pillows. My love life may be in shambles, but at least I have nice-looking, proportional furniture! And you know what they say: furniture is forever."

- Lisa L., Catalog Specialist



"I love this Walker blue loveseat because it's compact, so it can fit in a lot of different rooms, but it's still comfortable. I would pair it with the Walker blue ottoman to maximize versatility and comfort.  I also love the pillows that come with it – a little splash of red for Valentine's Day makes the couch look even more enticing."

- Kyle M., Marketing Director

We hope you enjoyed seeing the loveseats that stole our staff's hearts! If you haven't found your perfect match yet, don't worry! We have wide selection of loveseats on our site! Check 'em out! 

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5 Presidential Fun Facts from Furniture.com

Presidents' Day is a national holiday when the US celebrates and remembers all presidents (past and present). This year Presidents' Day falls on February 16th and we wanted to showcase some of our more "presidential" pieces. We're highlighting five pieces that share names with some of our past presidents and a fun fact about that president!

1. Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor, our twelfth president, was not present for his presidential nomination and did not find out about it for some time after. According to AmericanHistory.about.com, "In 1848, the Whig Party nominated Taylor to be president without his knowledge or presence at the nominating convention. He refused to pay the postage and did not find out about the nomination for weeks." Talk about a surprise!

To pay homage to President Taylor, we're showing this Taylor twin corner bed. This bed is perfect for any kid! If they don't want to go to school in the morning, just tell them about President Taylor's nomination. They may never know what they miss!


(Photo: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d9/Zachary_Taylor-circa1850.jpg

2. James Monroe

James Monroe, the fifth president,  was nicknamed 'The Last Cocked Hat'! "The term 'Cocked Hats' was given to the presidents who played significant roles in the American revolution of independence." We tip our hats to you, sir.

 This Monroe acccent chest is as glamorous as President Monroe was. This piece stands out and makes a statement, just like good ol' Monroe. This Monroe accent chest will play a significant role in your home decor.



3. Martin Van Buren

Ah, Van Buren. What's there not to love about our eighth president. From his eclectic hair style to his stylish ascot, Van Buren was a pretty okay guy. In fact, he is the reason the word "okay" exists today. Van Buren grew up in Kinderhook, New York. When he got into politics he was nicknamed Old Kinderhook, which soon got abbreviated OK. People used 'Is it OK' when talking about Van Buren and that's where the word okay comes from. So he's OK by us!

This Martin dining room set is the perfect pair with Van Buren. We can almost picture Old Kinderhook hanging out at this table with his friends bragging about how he came up with a word. Okay, that probably didn't happen, but we can totally picture it.


(Photo: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/94/Martin_Van_Buren_edit.jpg)  

4. James Madison

James Madison, our fourth president, appeared on US currency. Not many of us know this though because he was on the $5,000 bill. Degreed.com noted, "Most of these $5,000 bills have been taken out of circulation, but according to an article on Mental Floss, there are nearly 350 of them left." If you own a $5,000 bill or ever happen to be fortuitous enough to just stumble across one, hang on to it.

While there are a lot of presidents with the first name James, we think this James accent chest should be dedicated to James Madison. Its simulated leather straps and nailhead detailing make it look luxurious and vintage- kind of like a $5,000 bill.


(Photo: http://www.history.org/Foundation/journal/Summer08/images/Gov02.jpg)

5. Chester Arthur

Last but not least is our twenty-first president, Chester Arthur. We found out that Arthur was a furniture lover. How could we not share this? In fact, Chester Arthur may have held the first-ever White House yard sale. He apparently sold whatever wasn't built into the foundation of the White House (24 wagon full of stuff) to get enough money for new furniture. If only there was a Furniture.com back in the day...

This is too good. Our site carries an accent chest called the Arthur. Chest...Arthur...Chester Arthur. It was meant to be. This piece even looks like it was reclaimed, just as a piece from his famous yard sale would've been. Fate. 


(Photo: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/833472/thumbs/o-CHESTER-ALAN-ARTHUR-facebook.jpg)

We hope you enjoyed our tribute to five of our presidents! If Chester Arthur inspired you to redecorate your home, check out Furniture.com. (Hopefully you won't have to sell all of your stuff first!) 

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The Furniture.com App: See it in Your Home Before You Buy

We know a lot of people may be nervous about buying furniture online without being able to see it in your home first. We get it - buying furniture is a big decision and it could be hard to commit to a piece when you aren't positive you'll love it. That's where the Furniture.com app can help. Our app can put the furniture in your home, without any purchase being made! "How is this possible?!" You question, "Is this witchcraft?!" Before you rally a mob and grab your pitchforks and torches, download the app and see for yourself

All you need to do is download the free app to your phone, print the marker, place the marker where you want the furniture to go, focus your phone, and poof - virtual furniture. Plus, you can take a picture of the virtual setup and show your friends! This is the perfect solution to being able to see the furniture in your space before committing to the purchase.

Take a look at how we used the app to test out new furniture here in the Furniture.com office:


 Our Facebook fans love the Hollister collection so we thought we'd see how this accent chair looks in our office! Turns out, it looks great!



How stylin' would our office be if all of the desk chairs were switched out for these Juliette cream dining chairs? (To help visualize how the app works, this picture shows the marker underneath the chair!)




Here's our Email Marketing Specialist, Lauren, hanging out with the Caterina grey accent chair. (Hard to believe it's not really there!)



 We would LOVE having this Albion blue loveseat in our hallway. It looks so comfy! 




The Peabody black accent chair looks nice here! (Hmmm... who do we talk to about buying this for our office?)



How is our Paid Search Specialist, Drew, supposed to do any work with this patterned cube ottoman on his desk? Gotcha! It's not really there! 




Believe it or not, our Content Marketing Strategist, Brooke, doesn't have this Highline accent chair sitting on her desk all day. Cool, right?

We love this app because it makes it so easy to see what furniture will look like in your home before you buy it. It's the perfect tool to help you decided which piece to buy and it's so easy to use! 

To search for more furniture and pick out pieces to test on the app, visit Furniture.com!

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Get the Look: Stunning, Modern White Living Room

In our "Get the Look" posts we find styled rooms we love and show you how to recreate the look with products from Furniture.com. We scoped the internet for a gorgeous living room and this modern white living room from decoist.com really caught our eye! You'll see that combining shades of cream, grey, and white can make your living room look incredibly elegant. Here's how you can mix-and-match to recreate the look! 

We will break down each element of the room and show you what similar items we carry.

Our inspiration: 



Furniture.com products:

The chair:

1. The Hudson Gray


Understated sophistication and timeless design come together in the Hudson Gray accent chair for a piece that is so effortless in its style, you'll feel like it was a part of your home all along. Shallow button tufting dots the back cushion and the welted edges and boxy silhouette solidify a look that's neat and tidy. 

Color: Pale Gray


2. The Walker Cream


Tread the fine line between modern urban and at-home, cozy living room style with the Walker Cream chair. Bold and inviting, this piece features an ultra-soft, suede-like microfiber fabric that is both supple and durable, perfect for those high-traffic areas that require good looks and well-padded seats. 

Color: Cream


3. The Highline Cream


If your destination is up-to-date décor with a touch of retro vibe, look no further than the Highline Cream chair. Sleek, low track arms, button-tufted back and seat cushions and high tapering legs give this piece a mid-century flavor, and the versatile cream tone of the woven upholstery will easily blend with a range of color schemes. A fun designer fabric on the coordinating toss pillow offers an extra element of stylish pep, for a look that says "you've arrived." 

Color: Cream


The sofa:

1. The Trocadero


There's something exciting about the Trocadero sofa, whose inviting style and contemporary look will add energy to any well designed space. Featuring deep seating and a scatter back design, this collection boasts welted track arms and slightly tapered wedge feet for a clean and fashionable aesthetic. One coordinating fabric with a bold circle pattern and a second in rich brown corduroy add to the modern appeal, and the loose, reversible back pillows allow you to customize the look and your seating comfort. 

Color: Cream


2. The Biscayne



Destination Comfort. Discover the relaxing, vacation-like vibe of the breezy Biscayne White sofa. The airy, white denim upholstery covering the loose, knife-edge back cushions and angled roll arms offers the perfect mix of fresh style and cozy comfort. A to-the-floor skirt creates a slipcover look and provides a sweet finishing detail. 

Color: White


The cocktail table: 

1. The Hamlin



Much like the truss is used to bridge together two areas of land, the Hamlin cocktail table bridges both rustic and industrial sensibilities to produce a handsome accent for your living room. The 100% recycled fir timber is rough cut to enhance the organic feel established by the polished bluestone top, and the slatted lower shelf creates a space to stash large books, board games and more. 

Finish: Brown


2. The Moselle


The Moselle cocktail table flows with sleek looks, modern materials and practical convenience. A light, brownish-gray top and offset bottom shelf complement the contemporary chrome base and geometric shape. With the Moselle, you are bringing a light, airy aesthetic and functional design into your living room. 

Finish: Gray/Brown


3. The Foxpoint




The Foxpoint cocktail table exudes a modern industrial design in your living room with its distressed black metal base and reclaimed wood plank materials. The bespoke character of this table is reflected by the lumber, with each piece having a singular tone and texture, and by the steel rivets, which provide eye appeal. The X-shaped supports, the distressed bases, and the overall rectangular shape add to the urban chic style. A bottom shelf supplies extra storage and display space. 

Finish: Distressed Tan/Black


4. The Arno



With our Arno cocktail table, you'll enjoy the high-end look of marble while leaving plenty of room in your budget for other decorating! A slab-style top is finished with easy-clean, faux marble, replete with many tonal variations for a natural effect. Presented in a slatted grid design, the lower shelf offers lovely display and storage space. 

Finish: Merlot


The ottoman:

1. The Calamar Stone


The neutral tone of the Calamar Stone ottoman makes it the perfect canvas for mixing and matching with your own décor. For a more energetic look, pair with geometric prints and bring a hint of retro cool to the table. Simple lines, neat tailoring and a plush top cushion combine for an effect that keeps this stone looking polished. 

Color: Sandstone


2. The Salina Taupe



Round out a long day with the simple pleasures of the Salina Taupe sectional collection. The coordinating cocktail ottoman lets you kick up your feet on plush light beige fabric — and you'll relish how easy it is to care for. Modern cylindrical legs and welted trim complete the comfortable living room look. 

Color: Taupe


3. The Hudson Gray


Understated sophistication and timeless design come together in the Hudson Gray ottoman for a piece that is so effortless in its style, you'll feel like it was a part of your home all along. Shallow tufting dots the cushioned top for just a hint of handsome texture, and the plush, overstuffed cushion is just begging for you to put your feet up at the end of a long day. 

Color: Pale Gray


4. The Largo White


Yes, you can have a living room that combines the elegance of leather with your sleek style! The Largo White ottoman exceeds your dreams in that its spacious size is complemented by contemporary accents, making the Largo comfortably chic. This ottoman boasts a tufted cushion, the upscale style of classic white bonded leather and the ability to be arranged with other pieces to create your favorite modular sectional configuration. 

Color: White

We hope this helps you create the modern living room of your dreams! 

- Furniture.com


Get the Look for Less: This Glam, Art Deco Living Room

Art Deco Living Room

This living room by interior designer Elizabeth Gordon exudes glamour. With its gold accents, zebra rug, rich velvets, and neutral tones, this room pulls inspiration from art deco and Hollywood regency styles. And while we're guessing this room cost quite a bit, we've recreated the look for much less! Start with the clean, tuxedo lines of the Darcy Taupe sofa and add in some flair with the Marquette chair. The gold tones in the Rhone table and Bellevue II chest will take the room up a notch in glamour. Don't be afraid to try out rich paint colors and mix and match with different textures and tones, for an ultra sophisticated look.

Darcy Taupe Sofa
Rhone Cocktail Table
Marquette Accent Chair
Bellevue II Chest
Sullivan Chair

Mad for March: Score Points with These Entertaining Tips

March is here and with that come the big games. Basketball season is at its peak and if you're house is the spot for game-day watching, then you should be prepared for those 65 games. We have some easy tips to get your home ready for the madness.

Game Day

Room Layout

It's best to make sure that everyone has a spot to sit, so do a day-before check of everyone who's attending and count out your seating. For the layout, a semi-circle set-up around the TV is best so that everyone has a good view of the game. You'll want your snack arrangement to be on a coffee table in the middle of the semi-circle so that everyone has access to food and drinks during the game. And of course comfortable seating is a must: whether it's comfy accent chairs or a reclining sectional, you'll want to make sure that everyone is comfortable for the games. 


If you're having guests over for a day game, you'll want to make sure there's no glare on the TV and that the game is easily view-able. Draw your blinds or curtains and turn off the lights for day-time games, so you can be sure that every play is seen.


Just like with any party, food and drinks are a must. Especially finger food which is easy to snack on during the game such as wings, mini hot dogs, burger sliders, or chips and salsa. Try out some game-day themed sweets like basketball cake pops or cupcakes for a more festive approach. Try and keep the food centered on a solid surface to avoid any fabric stains. And definitely try and move your rug out before you have a ton of guests over. Someone is bound to spill!


Have your guests fill out their basketball brackets a head of time and have them as the games progress. Some friendly competition is always good to keep the fun going. 

Sofa vs. sectional: What's Right for You

Whether you've just moved into a new space or are redecorating your home, you may be facing a major dilemma: Should you shop for a sofa or a sectional? There are many pros and cons to examine when you're making this purchasing decision. For example: what works best in the space? How many are there in your household or family? Is comfort or design more important to you (or the room)? And, how do you plan to use your living room?

Thinking about all of these questions when shopping can be overwhelming. So here is a breakdown of things to consider when shopping for a sofa versus sectional.

Sofa vs. sectional


Take a look at your space from a far. Whether it's a new or old space, take note of the windows, entryways, and even ground heating vents. Do you have low windows that might be blocked by a sectional on one side? Or will a sectional with a chaise make an entryway into the room difficult? By taking a look at the structural elements of your room, you'll be able to understand what shape of furniture will work in the space. And luckily, Furniture.com offers left- and right-facing options on almost all their sectionals.


Take some time to think about how you will be using the space, and who will be using the space. Is it for entertaining or TV watching? Is it a place where kids and the dog hang out, or a place where you read by yourself? Think about the function of this piece of furniture and how many people it should accommodate. If you have a smaller space and it's just you or a significant other, a loveseat or smaller sofa makes the most sense. Have kids or a dog? Then look for a larger sectional.

Comfort or Design, or Both?

There's one other perspective to consider when you're thinking about designing for your new space: comfort and design. Overall a more traditional living room is one with a sofa and two accent chairs, or a sofa and a loveseat. And this combination can definitely be comfortable when paired with an ottoman, despite the absence of a sectional chaise. If you're looking for a space to feel more elegant or put together, then try out one of these options. If the room isn't meant to be super formal, then a sectional is a great option here.

Shop sofas and sectionals >

How to Find the Right Living Room Fabric for You

Whether you have kids, pets, or neither, it's important to find the right fabrics for your living room. It's important that your sofa/sectionals, accent chairs, or ottomans -- really anything that will be used frequently -- is the right fabric for your taste and lifestyle . There are many types of fabric out there, so we've pulled together a list of common fabrics and what they're best for. 

Acetate: Acetate was developed to be similar to silk, however acetate can withstand mildew, pilling, and shrinking. Similar to silk, it doesn't offer a lot of resistance against dirt, wearing, wrinkling, and the sun. So if you have kids, pets, or lots of natural light, avoid this material. 

Acrylic: Acrylic is meant to be an imitation to wool that holds up to wear, wrinkles, dirt, and fading. High-quality acrylics are great for kids and pets as they hold up to a good amount of wear. 

Bonded-Leather: Bonded leather is great for those that love the look of leather but need something a bit more durable. Bonded leather can be easily wiped down and isn't as prone to scratching and fading as real leather is. We love the luxe look of the Carmen collection's white bonded-leather sofa

Living Room

Cotton: Cotton is a natural fiber that's great for standing up to wear, fading, and pilling. However, it's prone to staining and wrinkling -- just like with cotton clothing. If you like the look of cotton but want something more durable, look for a cotton blend with other fibers that will make it more resistant. For example, damask cotton weaves are best for formal spaces while canvas weaves such as duck and sailcloth are better for casual spaces. We love the light and refreshing look of our Nantucket stripe accent chair.

Living Room

Leather: A tough and durable material, leather can be vacuumed and wiped down with a damp cloth as needed. Just make sure you use a leather conditioner or saddle soap. Depending on the type of leather, this material can be good for kids. We say depending, because some true leathers scratch easily as part of their character. So if you have furry friends, they can easily scratch the leather with their paws. 

Micro-Fiber: One of the best options for kids, pets, and an active family lifestyle, microfiber is soft and tough, and holds up against absorption and water spillage. And it gives off a luxurious look, similar to velvet, like with this Perry microfiber sectional.


Nylon-Blend: Nylon is blended with other fabrics which makes it one of the most durable upholstery fabrics. It's great for kids and pets as it doesn't soil or wrinkle, but keep it out of direct sunlight as it can fade. 

Olefin: Olefin is a great choice for kids and pets -- it holds up very well to wear and tear and doesn't really have any cons. 

Polyester-Blend: If you're looking for a more durable fabric, look for a polyester-blend. When added to other fabrics, polyester provides resistance against wrinkles, wear, and fading. We love the look of polyester blend in the Pompano collection's modern sofa

Living Room

Wool: Wool and wool blends are sturdy and durable, standing up to pilling, fading, wrinkling, and dirt. In most cases, you'll be looking for an upholstered item that's a wool blend so it's easier to clean. You'll also avoid felting the fibers -- something that's unique to wool. Wool blends can be spot-cleaned easily when needed, but can be more difficult for more intense cleanings. 

Vinyl: Vinyl is less expensive than true leather and great for kids and pets in your living room. You can simply wipe them down -- it's very rare that this material will absorb stains. 

Silk: If you have an extremely formal and elegant room where kids and pets won't be present, then opt for silk. As you probably know, it's a delicate fabric that needs to be professional cleaned when dirty. But be sure to avoid having any food or drink nearby. 

We hope this helps you find the perfect piece for your home! Don't forget to visit Furniture.com to explore your fabric options!

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How to Maximize Seating During the Holidays

With Thanksgiving, football season, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, and other gatherings, you'll be entertaining a lot more in the coming months. And most likely you'll have guests gather in the living room to be near the fireplace, the tree, or a holiday movie. And with more entertaining, comes more guests – and a need to maximize seating. Your sectional for six or sofa and loveseat may be more than enough during the year, but now you're scrambling to find seating for friends and family. We've got some tips to make sure everyone has a seat while your living room stays clutter-free.

Cocktail Ottoman

During the holidays, a larger ottoman becomes your best friend. The cocktail ottoman is usually square or rectangular and takes the place of the coffee table. When you need two to three extra seats, you'll be able to use your ottoman. And, with the addition of a serving tray, you can still use your ottoman for food and drinks. Having an upholstered ottoman in the center of your room also adds coziness and luxury to any room. Like the Diamondback cocktail ottoman shown below. 

Cocktail Ottoman

Accent Chair

If you've got the space for it, invest in one or two accent chairs. For a larger space, invest in two wing chairs to add a statement of  elegance. For a smaller space, look for one or two slipper chairs in a fun color or fabric to add some pop. We love the sophisticated style of the Diamondback accent chair for some extra seating. 

Blog Accent Chiar

Small Ottoman

If you plan on keeping your main coffee table, then look for extra seating in smaller ottomans. These smaller ottomans are great because they tuck under furniture (for example a sofa table or coffee table). And they'll add a bit more visual detail and color to your living room. Like the Ritz ottoman, which is perfect for someone in a much smaller space.

Small Ottoman


If you've got a long or narrow space, a bench is a great way to add a lot of extra seating (usually about three to four per bench!). Like the Avenue bench. And when the holidays are over, you can store your bench somewhere else – like the foot of your bed. It's a great multi-purpose piece that you can use in any room of the house. And if your bench is high enough, you can use it in the dining room for extra seating. 


Sources: Domicile Interior Design, Toby Fairly Interior DesignLDA Architecture and Interiors, and CWB Architects.

Mix and Matching Living Room Colors

Your living room may feel a bit drab right now -- and you might be missing color or mixing the wrong colors. In a multi-function space like the living room, it's a great place to test out different colors and patterns. While neutral tones like grays and beige will always be classic, adding in punches of color will help give the room a bold and elegant statement. 

There are two ways you can explore color in your living room. Try bringing color in with accent pieces (think pillows, a side chair, or curtains) or start with a dramatic focal point (such as a bright blue wall or red sofa). A bold color in an otherwise neutral room will give your home a clean and contemporary feel. Think about your favorite color -- or what you want your main color to be. For example, if you love grassy green, start with that as your main color and think about where you'd like the green to be. Once you've figured out what your color focus is, explore some accent colors. For example, grassy green goes great with burnt orange, pale pink, or teal. Mix these colors together using paint chips, fabric swatches, or print outs. This way you'll be able to see how the colors react to one another. 

You may notice that the burnt orange is beautiful next to the green, but is also very saturated. In this case, you might opt for a smaller orange accent like a vase or tray. There are a lot of different types of pieces that can add color to your living room. Have fun with colors and patterns. Try out different throw pillows (like a mix of 4-5 different patterns that work together), vases, trays, accent walls, rugs, or curtains. Whether you're transforming your living room with a mix of colors, or opting for one statement color, your space will feel much more alive. Below are some great ways to mix color palettes for your living room. 

Chevron Ottoman

Try an orange/gold and tie in a contrasting purple and blue, with softer tones like gold and beige. These colors will create both a fresh and regal look.

Blue Sofa

For a calmer space, try out a robin's egg blue with a sunny yellow, tangerine orange, and a bright green. These colors are calming but also add a bit of life to an otherwise neutral space.

Purple Chair

Pair a rich purple with a sage green, coral red, or teal for a fun and festive living room space.

4 Chairs to Perfect Your Living Room

An accent chair will help add something unique, colorful, and new to your current living room set. We've pulled together four of our favorite kinds of accent chairs - whether you have a traditional, eclectic, contemporary, or modern living room.

The Chair and a Half

The chair and a half is perfect if you're looking to relax and recline in your living room. It's a bit larger than an armchair but smaller than a loveseat, and they come in styles such as armchair or recliner. Some of them also have an area for storage or a folding twin-size bed. They're perfect for combining storage with comfort and can complete a living room set or live on their own as an accent chair. For example, the Radiance II chair and a half, that comes in purple and gray.

The Wing Chair

The wing chair is a classic piece that continues to stay current, year after year. The chair is known for its regal shape, with heightened arms, similar to the shape of wings. The chair was created to help women stay warm near the fireplace circa 1600 and the wing design originally helped protect from cold drafts. Today the chair works in both a more contemporary setting as well as a more regal, traditional setting and is often found with different options for colors, patterns, and nailhead trim. For example, in a bright blue with silver nailhead trim as seen in the Miata chair.

The Wing Chair

The Chaise Lounge

The chaise lounge is a long reclining chair used for relaxing, napping, and lounging. Originating from France hundreds of years ago, it combines the comfort of a bed with the style and elegance of an accent chair. Chaise lounges come in a variety of styles (with or without tufting, one arm, both arms, or armless), colors, and fabrics. And they're versatile. They can work in a more traditional room with a tufted back, to a extremely modern space without arms, like the Brittney Chaise or Maxim Chaise.

The Chaise Lounge

The Slipper Chair

The slipper chair: it's an armless chair that sits low to the ground. Since it's smaller than most accent chairs, the slipper chair will help you make the most of your space. Historically, slipper chairs functioned as extra seating in a dressing room or closet area but they've since made their way into other rooms. Back then, the armless design worked well for ladies in large skirts, dresses, and corsets. Today, the elegant, clean look in bright colors and patterns is perfect to add a pop to any space, like the Paris accent chair. Use two of them as accent chairs with a side table, or use it against a wall near an entryway or foyer. Or, place one in the corner across from a sectional.

slipper chair

Products (top to bottom): Radiance II Chair and a Half, Miata Accent Chair, Brittney Chaise, and Paris Accent Chair.

Living Room Fabric Options for Kids and Pets

Many parents or pet owners are hesitant to replace their old living room chairs or sofa, thinking it would be better to wait until the children are older or the puppies and kittens are all grown up. But you can have your family – furry friends and all – and a new living room design too! Some fabrics are more conducive to the wear and tear of these specific family members, and choosing such a fabric for your living room upholstery will give you all furniture that you can live with.

Leather Living Room Furniture

A leather sofa or living room chair is a fantastic choice for a number of reasons. It is very durable and comfortable. Leather furniture will contour to the shape of your body when you sit on it but will also keep its shape. You can easily clean any spills or smudges with a damp cloth, and it doesn't attract pet hair. And, as asked in the Moms Write Stuff blog, “Who in his right mind wouldn’t want to sit in the lap of luxury? One way to do that is by choosing leather furniture.”
Microfiber Living Room Furniture

Microfiber is another fantastic option for your living room upholstery. This fabric has a seemingly flat weave, so your pets won’t easily get their claws stuck in anything by simply jumping on the furniture (which can be the case with some textured fabrics). And its smooth, tight feel makes microfiber easy to clean, however, you may need to use microfiber-specific cleansers, because the bleach and fabric softeners found in some household cleansers could damage the microfiber over time.

If you do fall in love with a living room set that is not upholstered in a durable fabric, like leather or microfiber, all is not lost. You might be able to treat the fabric for durability, however, be careful and consult manufacturer instructions – this could impact the fabric’s feel.

5 Sofas Under $500

A new sofa refreshes the look of your living room -- it can also completely change the style of the room. If you're in the market for a new sofa and want to update your living room, you don't need to spend a ton of money to get the style and quality you're looking for. We've pulled together five of our favorite sofas that you can bring home for less than $500.

Casino Leather Sofa

Get the on-trend look of furniture design's modern masterpieces with the Casino leather sofa. With a nod to mid-century style, this piece has an architecturally-inspired silhouette with wide track arms and box-style seat and back cushions, covered in classic white bonded leather. Tufted details on the seat add a graceful touch and keep the look from being too modern, while cantilevered chrome legs add sculptural flair. Attached seat cushions and velcro-adhered back cushions ensure the look is always crisp and clean. And this sofa is just $449.

Casino Leather Sofa

Colette Sofa

Give your living room a fashionable touch with the crisply tailored Colette sofa. Sloping rolled arms, classic box seat cushions and knife-edge back cushions all feature finely constructed welted detailing. The heathered gray herringbone upholstery provides a dignified background for the fashion-forward fabrics on the accent pillows. Neither too masculaine nor too feminine, this comfortable sofa will showcase your good taste! And it's just $499.

Colette Sofa

Griffin Sofa

Sink into dreamy comfort with the Griffin sofa. Deep seat cushions and back pillows are covered in chestnut-hued, plush textured chenille, contrasting with warm chocolate faux leather on the base and arms. A wide woven accent fabric in delicious tones of cinnamon and cafe au lait complete the lush and inviting color palette. Flared arms, four toss pillows, tapered legs and welted detailing round out the enticing effect. And it's only $399.

Griffin Sofa

Palmer 92" Sofa

The Palmer 92" sofa offers an enviable combination for your home — it's the perfect blend of long-lasting comfort and fashion! The style is casually contemporary, but with features that stand the test of time: easygoing roll arms, welted seat cushions and simply angled wood feet. Premium foam cores and sinuous seat springs work overtime to keep you relaxed, while the red finish exudes a certain visual energy. The accent pillows sport classic stripes and French script for a perfect dose of effortless decorating appeal. And it's available in other options, for just $499.

Palmer Sofa

Stoked Sofa

There's something exciting about the Stoked sofa, whose inviting style and contemporary look will add energy to any well-designed space. Featuring deep seating and a scatter back design, this collection boasts welted track arms and slightly tapered wedge feet for a clean and fashionable aesthetic. One coordinating fabric with a bold circle pattern and a second in rich brown corduroy add to the modern appeal. The loose, reversible back pillows allow you to customize the look and your seating comfort. And it's yours for $399.

cream sofa

Q&A: Designing with a Long Living Room


I just bought a small condo and I am looking to buy living room furniture. My dilemma is the size and shape of the room. It’s oblong and I’m trying to maximize my seating. How can I best arrange the room to have the most seating but not just put all the furniture against the wall? — Teresa, Delray, FL


This is a question that our Design Experts are often asked. In a perfect home, a living room space is more square, but many dwellers face the challenge of the oblong living room. Especially in a smaller-sized condo, you want to get the most out of your space with seating, comfort, and decor. At the same time, you don’t want guests to feel cramped. Fortunately these longer, narrow living room spaces are a blessing in disguise and there are several ways to make it work. Think about what you’re using the room for. Do you entertain frequently? Are you looking to relax? With a longer living room, you have the opportunity to break up the space into sections. Here’s a good rule of thumb: the main area should take up 3/4 the space while the smaller area, such as a reading nook, dining area, additional seating, etc. fills up the rest.

For a combined living and dining room, shift the focus of the space to entertaining and mix similar furniture lines and colors. This will help tie the two sections together. For example, pairing the Alcove table and Alcove chairs with the Paris Collection sofa and loveseat to maximize seating while allowing for foot traffic. For a more formal living room look, opt for a wider sofa with two opposing chairs. For example, pair the Colette Collection sofa with two Colette Collection accent chairs. This arrangement is perfect if you have a TV or fireplace across from the sofa as the main focal point.Or, if you’re looking to relax in the space, create a reading nook with either one or two chairs on the opposite side of the room.

Helpful Tips

  • Draw up a floorplan of the space to see what types of furniture you can fit, and where.
  • Look for longer rugs that will fill the room to visually tie the sections together.
  • Match your largest furniture item (most likely a sofa) with your longest wall for space efficiency.
  • Bring your sofa about two inches out from the wall to add an illusion of more space.